5 05, 2021

Client reviews and recommendations


I have received so many wonderful client reviews and recommendations recently... I wanted to share some with you: Peter, in Wolverhampton, wrote this on my facebook page: "I tried to sell my house for four months with no success and what little feedback I had hinted that the decor needed updating, come to think of it, they didn't hint, they were quite blunt about it.  Someone suggested I needed professional help, I think they meant a psychiatrist actually, but instead [...]

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4 03, 2021

How to declutter your attic and keep it that way – in six easy steps


How to declutter your attic - and keep it that way. I have had several cluttered attic projects this year, and although my clients needed help for different reasons (bereavement, planning to move home, general declutter), the attic declutter process has remained the same. There are some 'before' and 'after' photos of an attic at the end of this article. To declutter your attic and keep it that way in the future, work through these six steps: 1) Plan in advance. It [...]

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21 05, 2020

Welcome to Lynn’s home makeover blog!


Hi, there are so many posts on my home makeover blog now, I just want to make sure you can find what you're looking for. There is a "Search" box for you to use, but I find the "Categories" section is the most helpful tool, on the right hand side of the page. (If you're using a mobile phone, you need to scroll down past the ten article summaries before you will find the boxes, sorry!).  Here, you will find six [...]

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24 08, 2018

Small Showhome in Nottingham – low budget, high impact


My brief for this Showhome in Nottingham was to produce the biggest impact on the smallest budget. As usual! With careful planning and design, considering the needs of any potential buyers, within two weeks of my initial consultation, this was the result. The developer was delighted - and I quote - "Looking great, I have to say!  You have done a great job.  The flat has a lovely feel, I am delighted, and it's such a pleasure to work with someone who delivers [...]

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13 03, 2017

Handbag Clutter discussion on BBC Radio Derby


  So, what do you carry in your handbag?  Just what you need for the trip you are taking today, or months and months of accumulated "stuff" that just weighs you down? This is the topic up for discussion on BBC Radio Derby this morning. If you have a handbag clutter problem, the best advice I can give is for you to start fresh. Spend a few minutes thinking about your normal day to day life. Lots of things will [...]

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19 05, 2016

Snakes Alive! Derby Telegraph article about my worst home nightmare discoveries!


Today, the Derby Telegraph published a double page article on some of the problems I discover when I'm called-in to help to prepare a house for sale: Derby Telegraph article Here's the full article: Home horrors that need fixing before you can sell your property VIOLENT violet on the walls, terrifying tarantulas in the spare bedroom and psychedelic swirls on the living room carpet. It's enough to put off the most enthusiastic house buyer. And this is why people [...]

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15 03, 2016

Derby Telegraph report: “Sold in a week!”


This was the second article in the Derby Telegraph, relating to the makeover of this home in Derby - because it sold within the week!! http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/8203-Sold-week-Makeover-did-trick-Darley-Abbey/story-28018284-detail/story.html Derby Telegraph article summary: FIRST impressions count for property buyers as vendor Jonathan Oakes discovered. After having his Darley Abbey home restyled in preparation for an open day, his property sold within a week. Jonathan knew his bachelor pad, 17 Folly Road, needed "a woman's touch" so called in professional home stager Lynn Pick [...]

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15 03, 2016

Derby Telegraph report: Home is given makeover for Open Day


This was the first article in the Derby Telegraph, relating to a property we staged in Derby.  The property sold within a week - so see the link to the follow-up article at the end of this page! http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Magical-makeover-spacious-family-home/story-27940377-detail/story.html#1 Daily Telegraph Article summary: See the difference: Darley Abbey home is given makeover for open day 17 Folly Road, Darley Abbey, is on the market after a stunning makeover WITH a name like Oakes, it was almost inevitable that Jonathan would become [...]

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15 03, 2016

Home staging works again – SOLD!


Yet another example of a happy client - Midge firmly believes that the home sold because of the Home Staging process.  We staged the house in December, so it was on the market over the worst time of year - but it still sold at the end of February! A text from a relieved client This home staging was completed on the lowest budget possible, and much of the furniture was there on a 'beg, steal or borrow' basis from friends and family. See [...]

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5 03, 2016

Show Home Styling


Show Home styling is all about presenting the space to appeal to all potential buyers - on the lowest budget possible.  I was asked which of the three upper level apartments I would choose to style as the show home, and whilst other designers chose the largest, most straightforward apartment, I went for the most awkward - and got the job!             This was my client's response to the show home styling: See what the apartment [...]

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