24 08, 2018

Small Showhome in Nottingham – low budget, high impact


My brief for this Showhome in Nottingham was to produce the biggest impact on the smallest budget. As usual! With careful planning and design, considering the needs of any potential buyers, within two weeks of my initial consultation, this was the result. The developer was delighted - and I quote - "Looking great, I have to say!  You have done a great job.  The flat has a lovely feel, I am delighted, and it's such a pleasure to work with someone who delivers [...]

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5 03, 2016

Show Home before and after photographs


Everyone loves to see my show home before and after photographs, so here goes:          

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3 10, 2015

Home Staging Derbyshire


These are the Home Staging "Before" and "After" photographs for the property I recently wrote about in my blog: "Darley Abbey Makeover." My aim was to connect the inside of the house with the outside.  The garden is so beautiful that the house needed lightening and brightening to match. UPDATE: This house sold within a week! See the link below to the report in the Derby Telegraph. 17 Folley Road, Darley Abbey. Derby. The Living Room... before. [...]

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1 10, 2015

Darley Abbey Makeover


I was so lucky with the weather during this makeover in Darley Abbey, Derby. The sun shone on the beautiful garden every time I needed inspiration for the house! The property is located in a lovely peaceful area, and the garden is stunning - designed and developed by the homeowner, who is an arboriculturalist, (tree specialist), so you can imagine the variety of trees and plants on show all year round. The décor in the house itself was a little tired, but after the makeover of course it is [...]

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23 10, 2013

Home Makeover – making an unusual colour scheme work


My client wanted me to finish what he had already started - and he'd already chosen the colour scheme.  He had strong yellows, oranges, and pale pastel blues throughout the house, which wasn't working well together. The easiest way to resolve this was for me to add a stronger blue, and combine blue, yellow and orange into the artwork in the rooms. It's difficult to find suitable artwork in unusual schemes, so I employed a local Nottingham artist (Pete Spowage) [...]

Home Makeover – making an unusual colour scheme work2013-10-23T14:05:06+00:00
20 10, 2013

House makeover in Northampton – reclaiming the dining room


A house makeover and declutter in Northampton. This family was undergoing some major changes - the twins were leaving for university, which meant that the parents could reclaim the dining room back, as it had become a 'temporary' bedroom for over a year. There was a strong possibility that the house would soon be going on the market, so every decision we made took this into account. Before - the living room After - white paint in [...]

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19 10, 2013

Two-day house makeover in Stoke – correcting mixed colour schemes


Home Makeover in Stoke. This practical home-owner had the ability to make any changes that were required - she just didn't know WHAT was required! We had great fun working together, with some effective results. The main problem was the colour scheme throughout the ground floor. Pink had been added to black and grey, and all the design rules had been followed (spashes of the accent colour in the curtains,cushions and accessories etc) but what she had failed to take [...]

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19 10, 2013

Empty house makeover in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. (A 6 bedroom house.)


I was asked to do this house makeover by some local developers I have worked with a few times. It was unique, and they only had a tiny budget for furniture, window dressings and accessories - only £6,500 plus my shopping and styling costs. I had twelve days to furnish the entire house. Some of the furniture choices weren't perfect, but cost and availability were the priority. Twelve rooms for £6,500 is almost impossible. (But not quite!)  The Estate Agent [...]

Empty house makeover in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. (A 6 bedroom house.)2013-10-19T11:37:57+00:00
18 10, 2013

New Home Makeover in Walsall – a surprise gift for Hubby!


This entire home makeover was planned in secret, as a surprise gift for my client's husband. She took him away overnight whilst we completed the makeover.  It was like a TV makeover program - we were hiding around the corner waiting for them to drive away before we could start! "Hi Lynn, Thanks for the fabulous job you did on the house!! It was SO exciting! We were both really pleased and look forward to you designing the garden for us in [...]

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17 10, 2013

A stunning home makeover in Grantham


This new home makeover was a dream-come-true for my newly-wed clients. It was their first home and they had absolutely no idea what they wanted in it. Luckily, I had a few ideas... and they loved them. Here are some of the comments: "Lynn, you have miles more experience, talent and vision then we will ever have! Thank you so much! We love it! Everything is beautiful and everything we could  have imagined and more. You are a true artist in [...]

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