5 03, 2016

The fastest home staging ever!


This home staging project was completed at top speed - before a potential buyer came back for their second visit!  My Consultation was arranged for a Thursday afternoon, and during the session, I discovered that a potential buyer had already seen the house, and had a second viewing booked for the following week - but she had commented on several occasions that the house was dark.  Well, that sounded like a challenge to me - especially as I agreed with her.  So, [...]

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5 04, 2014

One day home staging in Coventry


Just one day of shopping and one day of home staging made a huge difference to the appeal of this home. My client borrowed some basic furniture from friends, and I took everything else with me. The estate agents were amazed, and increased the asking price of the house immediately!  My client said: "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it, the place looks amazing. You have really bought out the best in the place and the colour schemes are gorgeous.  You were right about [...]

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6 11, 2013

One-day Home Staging in Brocton, Staffordshire


This one-day home staging project was initiated by an Estate Agent - John German in Staffordshire. They needed good photographs of a lovely house for sale in Brocton, and were delighted with the results: "Thank you for your very pleasant and prompt service, I know our clients were most impressed." Paul Barnes.   And the homeowners commented "Many thanks for today, it was lovely to meet you and I have really enjoyed watching an ‘expert’ in action. The photos are fabulous."  They [...]

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21 10, 2013

‘I need you to stage my home again please!’


"Stage my home again please!" A previous client sent me this message - I had already helped her to sell her house within days during the previous year, and now she was on the move again. Knowing how beneficial the service had been, she had no doubts about calling me for a second time. (There's a link to her first house at the end of this page.) This time, she had learnt from her previous mistakes (mainly involving mixing the wrong colours together) [...]

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21 10, 2013

One-day staging a house in Chester – a four bed property


Staging a house can be done in one day, given the right circumstances. It's best (but not always necessary) to have a consultation first, so all the plans can be made and the homeowners can do some of the preparation beforehand if they would like to keep costs down. Then I can come for one day, style the house room by room, and take the photos when the light is right. In my next example, horses are very important to this family, and they [...]

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16 10, 2013

One-day home staging – a character property in Shropshire


I had the pleasure of home staging a beautiful character property in Shropshire. I went for a 3-hour consultation whilst we made our plans, then the family followed my instructions on clearing/tidying for the next few days, and I returned for one day of home staging and taking photographs.  This is a really cost-effective way of having great photographs which gives you the best chance of selling the property. My client was delighted when it sold. She said  "It’s been a really tough [...]

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16 10, 2013

One-day house doctor service. (Newark)


House Doctor Service - One-day Following a 3-hour consultation, the homeowner's family spent a couple of days in the house, tidying-up, painting the kitchen, and modernising the bathroom. A week later, I returned for a house doctor / photograph day, which involved me working my way around the house, styling it for the photographs and taking the photos when the light was just right. Before After a tidy-up and some plants in the pots Beore After [...]

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11 10, 2013

One day home staging in Worcester, an Old Coach House


Home staging in Worcester. This house had already been on the market for a few months, and was getting many hits on the estate agent's website (much higher than average), but no viewings. One of the reasons was obvious. The interior photos had been taken by a professional photographer, who had chosen three rooms, moved everything out apart from a few essential pieces of furniture, and then added so much light to the photos that the rooms looked like they belonged in a [...]

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13 06, 2012

DIY home staging, Leicester. From one consultation.


DIY Home Staging The following home staging project was completed by the homeowners, following just one of my consultations.  I gave lots of advice, and they followed it through themselves. The estate agents were amazed!  They had previously had a lot of potential buyers walking away because there was only one outdated bathroom in this large house. The homeowners decided to invest in replacing the bathroom suite, and creating an ensuite for one of the bedrooms. Here are the 'before' [...]

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16 05, 2012

One-day home staging in Derbyshire. Small changes…huge transformation.


My "One-day Home Staging" service has been very popular, especially over the past year.  Estate Agents are recommending it to homeowners with houses that are essentially in good condition, and have a reasonable amount of furniture, window dressings and some artwork and finishing touches. Whilst it is possible for me to combine a consultation and the one-day home staging service together into one day, most properties benefit from having a Consultation first, then a short while later, having the staging day.  It enables them to [...]

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