10 02, 2016

Hear me and my client on the radio, discussing a good declutter!


  BBC Radio Derby I was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Derby by Sally Pepper.  One of my current clients was invited to join us, as the subject was decluttering - the effect it can have on your home and the lives of your family.  My client Wendy was happy to discuss the effect it had already had on her family, even though we're only halfway through the project.  She is determined to teach her two small girls [...]

Hear me and my client on the radio, discussing a good declutter!2016-03-05T10:53:47+00:00
20 10, 2013

Declutter project in Derby – children’s toys in EVERY room!


The majority of this declutter project in Derby involved sorting the children's toys and condensing them to a few rooms in the house instead of every room. Seriously, children do not need to take over every room in the house. Many parents keep something in each room on purpose, to entertain them with, but it doesn't make their lives easier after all because they never have any calm, uncluttered spaces to relax in. They aren't teaching their children the valuable lesson [...]

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18 10, 2013

Declutter project, a 5 bed cottage in Northampton


Declutter project: a large cottage in Northampton. This five-bedroom cottage was set in a much sought after village location, and potential buyers had flocked to view it.  But no offers had been forthcoming, as they simply couldn't see through the clutter of a busy family with three children.  I was called to organise a declutter. For four days, we decluttered, cleaned and re-arranged the furniture and accessories. Spending only £150 on accessories for the finishing touches, the home went on the market.  It [...]

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20 09, 2013

Create a hotel style bathroom when selling your home


When you're selling your home, the bathroom needs to be pristine. Spotlessly clean and tidy. Stylish. Beautifully accessorised. No toothpaste, no children's toys or potties, no wet towels! Try to add a plant, a few expensive, matching toiletries, fluffy new towels (just put them out for viewings), and put the lights on for photographs. Imagine it's a beautiful hotel bathroom! If you were a visitor to your home, would you want to walk around with bare feet? When selling your [...]

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11 05, 2012

I learn something new every day about clutter…


Over the years, I've met so many people with clutter problems that I thought I knew all the triggers - ie. all the reasons why they have been unable to let certain things go from their lives, and have consequently become surrounded by clutter. For example, bereavement (holding on to everything), loss of confidence (marriage break-up, redundancy), overly-tidy parents (leads to children growing-up rebelling against this), very busy families (no time to tidy up), empty-nesters (as children grow up and [...]

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17 04, 2012

Declutter tip 1: What causes clutter? Open shelves.


For the first time ever this week, I had five new declutter clients, all in the same week!  There have been some new hoarding programs on the televsion lately, and I believe this has made a lot of people think about their own homes and decide it's time to get some help before they get too bad. Each of my five new clients has had a different reason for the clutter in their house, and I wanted to share these with [...]

Declutter tip 1: What causes clutter? Open shelves.2013-11-08T14:13:33+00:00
5 04, 2012

Show the rooms off to their full potential


No-one can see the full potential of a room if they are distracted by brightly coloured children's toys. Keep the toys in one room only, even if that means packing some away and rotating them every few weeks. Present the rest of the house like a show home. This beautiful living room was even more stunning when the toys were tidied away. Remove the children's toys Now an elegant room  

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18 03, 2012

I was in the Nottingham Evening Post this week…


This was almost a double-page spread in the Nottingham Evening Post, including lots of my tips on preparing a home for sale. Let me know what you think! Click the link, or read the copy below: Nottingham Evening Post Have you set the stage to make a good impression? By  Nottingham Evening Post Thursday, March 15, 2012 CREATING the right impression is one of the key ways to ensure a house sale – and yet so many people make the [...]

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12 03, 2012

Keep the garden tidy too, even in winter


It's so easy to forget to keep the garden tidy when you're selling your house, especially in winter.  But potential buyers won't be able to imagine how good it will look in the summer, if all they can see now is a mess.  Remove empty plant pots, jet wash patios and pathways, remove children's toys, add some seasonal colour with a few suitable plants etc and make a good impression. Untidy and unloved in winter   Much more [...]

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29 01, 2012

Storage for grown-up children!


Storage space in your house is for YOU!  If you're struggling for space, don't store other people's stuff for them - your house has to work for you. Grown-up children are the worst for this. Note for all grown-up children: Go to your parent's home asap, remove everything you have left behind there, and deal with it yourself!!! Most parents are so kind-hearted, they won't tell you they need the space, they will just cram themselves into what's left!! Some [...]

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