21 10, 2013

‘I need you to stage my home again please!’


"Stage my home again please!" A previous client sent me this message - I had already helped her to sell her house within days during the previous year, and now she was on the move again. Knowing how beneficial the service had been, she had no doubts about calling me for a second time. (There's a link to her first house at the end of this page.) This time, she had learnt from her previous mistakes (mainly involving mixing the wrong colours together) [...]

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21 10, 2013

One-day staging a house in Chester – a four bed property


Staging a house can be done in one day, given the right circumstances. It's best (but not always necessary) to have a consultation first, so all the plans can be made and the homeowners can do some of the preparation beforehand if they would like to keep costs down. Then I can come for one day, style the house room by room, and take the photos when the light is right. In my next example, horses are very important to this family, and they [...]

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20 10, 2013

Every home benefits from a declutter once in a while


Declutter a complete room once in a while. You know that feeling you get when you've sorted your sock drawer? It's like that only ten times more intense! These photographs show various small projects that benefited from our decluttering services.  It's not just the surface clutter that was removed, all cupboards and drawers were emptied and re-organised too.  That's the trick - just trying to tidy the surfaces causes more problems if the drawers and cupboards are already full. Here are [...]

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18 10, 2013

Declutter project in Redditch – a house and apartment combination


A huge declutter project in Redditch, followed by home staging to prepare it for sale. This wonderful property had been a precious family home for many years, but the girls had now 'flown the nest' and impending retirement enables a move nearer to the sea, so we were delighted to help to declutter and prepare this property for sale. To start with, the lady of the house was adament that she didn't want to get rid of anything, and rented two huge [...]

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10 10, 2013

Home staging in Nottingham. A five bed house on a busy road.


Home Staging in Nottingham. SOLD! To the current homeowners!! Here are some of my client's comments soon after I completed the project: "Just a quick note to say thanks for the amazing job, totally exceeded expectations. Wow, the photos look amazing....what a contrast, thanks Lynn - you really have a gift for this. Had really good response from estate agents so far so very optimistic...they were very impressed with the styling, especially Steve from FHP" Then a few days later, [...]

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16 03, 2013

Home staging project in Cossington, Leicester


 A Home Staging project  See what a beautiful house we've been working on, in a village in Leicestershire.  This was a relatively inexpensive makeover, using mostly what was already in the property, and it's made a huge difference to the appeal of the house. It's an unusual property, in that it has been divided into three dwellings, so it was vital that we made each room as impressive as possible, to match the exterior of the house. Hartleys Estate Agents [...]

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28 08, 2012

Life-changing home makeover in Stafford.


A home makeover can change your life forever. This one was huge, and had an enormous impact on the whole family (Mum, Dad and four boys). My client said: "I don't think we will ever live in such cluttered surroundings again as we did when you first came to see us, I just refuse to when I see how beautiful a home can look without it. I think the family are starting to get the hang of it - though the [...]

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22 08, 2012

Great recommendation!


LinkedIn RecommendationsDavid Kinder has endorsed your work as Owner at Home Stylers LtdDetails of the Recommendation: "We contacted Lynn after meeting her at a business network meeting the previous year. We were very impressed with her knowledge of makeovers that when we decided to move office this year we knew there was only one person to contact. We requested to know what Lynn's fee would be and after receiving it we decided to get her on board. We asked Lynn [...]

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19 06, 2012

We sort offices too….


I was recently asked if I could adapt my Consultations to suit an office environment - of course the answer was 'yes'!  Exactly the same principals.  Furniture layout, de-clutter, overall appeal to visiting clients, storage solutions, flow etc.  This consultation was for planning an office move to new premises, but it's the same principles for sorting an existing office - give me a call.

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