24 10, 2012

Home makeover tip. Identify design trends.


IDENTIFY DESIGN TRENDS With a home makeover, it's hard to know when should you be following fashion and when you should avoid it. You need to update a home, but you don't want to choose a fashionable colour or style that will date quickly. • In general, don’t follow interiors trends too closely, they change with every season now • More expensive items need to be timeless, so just add smaller items in the latest design trend. If the makeover [...]

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22 10, 2012

Home makeover tip. Skill level.


HOME MAKEOVER SKILLS - what skills are you or your family able to use in the makeover? When do you need to call-in the professionals? • Analyse your own skills carefully and balance this with the time you would realistically be able to give to the project • Consider skilled tradesmen if budget allows, as this ensures the project will reach completion! If the home makeover is for selling purposes... Poor workmanship can devalue a property, so don't cut corners A [...]

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20 10, 2012

Home makeover tip. Consider your lifestyle.


LIFESTYLE - does your house reflect your current lifestyle? Have you kept it up to date with your family's current needs and requirements? Do you still have a spare guest bedroom that's only used once a year, yet have no space for a much-needed office? Do you have a dining room that you only use occasionally, yet a house full of toys and no playroom? Consider your room use carefully. What type of rooms do you really need right now, and [...]

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19 10, 2012

Home makeover tip. Home accessories.


HOME ACCESSORIES - where do you add the finishing touches, and how far should you go? • Use accessories to draw attention to focal points • Accessorise with items that are meaningful whenever possible, for example, choose a piece of art that you all like, so it feels special when you look at it • Use what you already have, then fill the gaps • Be organised when shopping, know what spaces you are trying to fill, including measurements, and [...]

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16 10, 2012

Home makeover tip. Colour schemes.


COLOUR SCHEMES -could you work with some of the existing colours in the house or should you change them? • Check all the existing colours in your house. Include tiles, floor coverings etc. If you add a new colour, will it work with all of these or would you have to change them? • Completely changing the colour scheme in a house can be very costly, especially if flooring, tiles and window decorations are involved. • Don’t mix two different colour [...]

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16 10, 2012

Home makeover tip. Room use.


ROOM USE -  how do you use each room and do you need to make any changes before the makeover? • Make each room work for you and your family at this point in time and keep adapting as things change • Balance the house. If there are a couple of rooms that are never used, but the whole family competes for space in the remaining rooms, you've got it wrong. If the makeover is for selling purposes, correct room [...]

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15 10, 2012

Home makeover tip. Budget control.


BUDGET - how do you control this so that the total cost stays within your limit? •Agree a budget that you're all happy with •Keep 10% for contingency •Use a spreadsheet before you start, allocating a planned cost for everything •Keep the spreadsheet updated with real costs If the makeover is for selling purposes... •Balance the investment with the impact it will have on the sale of the house Before - the majority of the budget for this house [...]

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2 10, 2012

Can’t find the right lamp?


Sometimes it's impossible to find exactly what you want for a room.  Here, I needed a hint of purple in this lamp, without it being over-bearingly purple. So, a scrap of voile, a glue gun, some pegs... and a lot of patience was all that was needed to add the luxury required.  See this lamp "in situ" soon, when the house is complete!     

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6 09, 2012

Sweet little book…


The little old book I found in a cottage in Wales is so sweet: "Friends will shake their heads - take no notice" "Have a man in"  And check-out the wallpapering instructions: 

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3 09, 2012

I found a real little treasure in N Wales…


In a remote holiday cottage, in Wales, on a little bookshelf in the hall, I discovered this little gem. A "House Doctor" book, from 1926! It refers to a house as being alive - having eyes (windows), veins (electricity), a heart (kitchen stove), lungs (room spaces) etc and mentions servants and housewive's handymen hero's!! Lovely. They let me keep it, I will treasure it. "The heart may demand diagnosis""A careless servant's hand..."  "A handyman is of more use than a hero!"  More gems [...]

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