1 10, 2013

‘Do It Yourself’ Home Staging Report


I'm contacted numerous times by people living far away from the Midlands, where a regular consultation wouldn't be possible, so I developed a DIY Home Staging Report, that I prepare from photographs. This client in S.W. London just sent photos of her empty property. I arranged the hire furniture, prepared a shopping list for the accessories, and supplied a detailed plan of where to put everything!  After a fun day shopping and arranging everything, the client was then proud to [...]

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13 09, 2012

Feedback your viewers won’t give you…


Here are some examples of feedback your viewers may think, but are too polite to say... "Your house smells" ... of dogs /cooking / smoke...  "Your house is dirty.""Your clutter tells us you don't fit into your home so we probably won't fit either.""Your rooms are bland / boring." (Or, "Your room colours are awful.")"Your garden is a mess, it must be really hard to look after."None of these things would take long to cure if they bought the house, but the chances are they [...]

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12 09, 2012

10 tips for viewings


1) Have a checklist to use before each viewing, so nothing is missed in the panic. 2) Have a spare set of fresh bedding to place on every bed, with new pillows. 3) Have an empty cupboard in each room so you can have a quick tidy-up.4) Start packing now.  Fewer items in a room make it appear larger.5) Have spare fluffy towels to put out for viewings. 6) Open all windows half an hour before viewings.7) Remove all false scents. Don't [...]

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18 08, 2012

Ten Makeover Mistakes to avoid


I'm often asked about common mistakes made when homeowners do their own makeovers - whether they are selling, or simply updating their home. Here's ten really common ones:1) Clashing colours - they change the colour scheme and 'conveniently' forget items that still have to be in the rooms, so they clash - for example: Stained glass windows, carpets and tiles.2) Mixed metals - Choose brass, gold, shiny chome or satin chrome - but not all together.3) Sofa too large for the room - just because they 'loved it [...]

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13 06, 2012

Does this add value?


Here's a question for the estate agents please.These kitchen units were painted, (to a high standard), and the walls were given a coat of soft green paint.  I know it LOOKS a thousand times more appealing, but does this actually ADD monetry value to the house?  I would thing so, but I'd love a definitive answer.

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11 06, 2012

Don’t change the bathroom???


These homeowners had their home on the market for over ten months, with a dozen viewings, but no sale. Lots of comments about the outdated bathroom, but even though my clients were happy to replace the bathroom, their estate agents said it wasn't worth it and wouldn't make a difference.Surely, in a £400,000 home, the bathroom below would be more appealing?  I don't normally advocate changing bathrooms, but I think this is an exception.  It also enabled them to add an [...]

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16 05, 2012

One-day home staging in Derbyshire. Small changes…huge transformation.


My "One-day Home Staging" service has been very popular, especially over the past year.  Estate Agents are recommending it to homeowners with houses that are essentially in good condition, and have a reasonable amount of furniture, window dressings and some artwork and finishing touches. Whilst it is possible for me to combine a consultation and the one-day home staging service together into one day, most properties benefit from having a Consultation first, then a short while later, having the staging day.  It enables them to [...]

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13 05, 2012

Remember grass carpet?


Remember my photo of the "grass carpet" in February, well, I heared recently that this house sold within days of putting it back on the market!  Due to huge budget constraints, my client could only follow some of the advice I gave, and she did the work herself.   She re-decorated, chose some new flooring, and even added a few accessories. The Consultation gave her lots of confidence - she said: "I found the time I spent with you yesterday completely inspiring. It really clarified my thoughts as to exactly [...]

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