5 03, 2016

The fastest home staging ever!


This home staging project was completed at top speed - before a potential buyer came back for their second visit!  My Consultation was arranged for a Thursday afternoon, and during the session, I discovered that a potential buyer had already seen the house, and had a second viewing booked for the following week - but she had commented on several occasions that the house was dark.  Well, that sounded like a challenge to me - especially as I agreed with her.  So, [...]

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13 08, 2012

The Spare Room debate


A spare room is very useful in a home. They are great for storage, office space, gym, occasional bedroom, sewing room, photography studio - and often a combination of several of these uses!  But when you're selling, they always, always need to be a bedroom. I've had this confirmed by numerous Estate Agents - they all agree that this adds the most value.  Before - should this be a study or a bedroom? After - the estate agents [...]

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12 08, 2012

TEN most common suggestions I make in a Consultation


During my Home Staging Consultations, there seem to be some recurring themes! Here are ten of the suggestions I find I am repeating on a regular basis. 1.  Declutter 2.  Re-paint brightly coloured wall colours with more neutral colours 3.  Hang some artwork  4.  Put blinds on bathroom windows 5.  Replace broken fittings  6.  Iron the bedding for that 'show home' feel 7.  Add some plants 8.  Add some relevant accessories 9.  Clean the kitchen and bathroom thoroughly 10.Tidy up the [...]

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23 05, 2012

The estate agents loved the smallest bedroom the most…


There were so many comments from the estate agents about the smallest bedroom in this house.  I just had some fun with it, and everyone loves it!  And the toy carrot is the most talked-about accessory in the entire house!! The house had been rented for a few years, and was tired.  All the rooms are tiny, so we just had to show them as simply as possible. See the full house here: http://www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk/e22.php Before   After [...]

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28 04, 2012

House Doctor makeover Course 2012. Day 1.


Had a great first day - delegates took a good look around the house we're making-over during the next five days.  Plans were made, then we all went shopping in the minibus!What would you do with these rooms?  It's a lovely clean, uncluttered house that just needs finishing off properly.  Eight delegates had eight different ideas for each room!  There isn't a right or wrong idea, but some were better than others!

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8 04, 2012

I’d buy this one myself!


Take a look at this property I finished staging recently - it's great to see so many photos on the estate agent's website - it shows there's nothing to hide.http://www.johngerman.co.uk/property/for-sale/stoke-on-trent/tudor-lodge-stoke-on-trent/1 Tudor House

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19 03, 2012

Simple updates are often the most effective…


This was the most dated room in the house - all clean and in good repair, but just dated.As this was the only room we had decided to paint, it was an easy job to replace the pelmet with a pole - still using the same curtains - replace the dated headboard, change the position of the artwork, and add one accessory to the window instead of five.  The room appeared to double in size, and would appeal to many [...]

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18 03, 2012

I was in the Nottingham Evening Post this week…


This was almost a double-page spread in the Nottingham Evening Post, including lots of my tips on preparing a home for sale. Let me know what you think! Click the link, or read the copy below: Nottingham Evening Post Have you set the stage to make a good impression? By  Nottingham Evening Post Thursday, March 15, 2012 CREATING the right impression is one of the key ways to ensure a house sale – and yet so many people make the [...]

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15 03, 2012

You just have to see this room transformation!!!


I think this has to be my favourite room transformation EVER! When you're not selling your house, you can use your rooms however you want to, but as soon as it's going on the market, each room has to make sense.  This amazing party room was to be listed as a "Dining Hall", but it was right next to a beautiful dining room, and the only living room in the house was more like a Snug, so it made sense [...]

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12 03, 2012

Transformed in one HOUR…


Looking forward to completing this house on Thursday! 8th February 2012:  I needed to demonstrate how this room could look if we transformed it from a dining room into a living room, so I spent less than an hour moving furniture around and 'pinching' from other rooms. This isn't the final result, we need more furniture brought in and a larger rug, but it gives a good idea of how it would look.

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