30 01, 2012

SOLD! After 6 days on the market!


"Duck House" has sold!  A fraction under the asking price, within six days.  We're all delighted.  It was marketed as "Excellently presented" and had lots of interest from other buyers too.  The cost of staging this property was kept to a minimum once the decorating had been done, because we were able to use some of the homeowner's own furniture and borrow accessories from a friend's shop! See the 'Before' and 'After' photos of the house that sold so quickly [...]

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8 01, 2012

Home Staging Tips – No. 2 – Don’t leave empty rooms


Inexperienced viewers find it really difficult to imagine what can fit into an empty room, as there is nothing in it that they can relate to.  In addition, empty rooms are so uninviting on the Estate Agent's website. Some key pieces of furniture make the room so much more appealing. See how this empty home sold within a few days after it was staged...http://www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk/e2.php What can you fit in this awkward space?  Just one option is shown [...]

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7 01, 2012

Home Staging Tip – No. 3 – Name each room


When I'm home staging, I always name each room, so that everyone understands it's main function, and will keep it like that, especially when selling.  A "sitting room", a "dining room" etc.  Even the multi-purpose rooms such as a small 'spare' room that may be used for a bedroom, a storage room, an office etc - when you're home staging, choose one theme and hide all other uses away.  Ask your Estate Agent's advice on your spare rooms - what layout is [...]

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5 01, 2012

Home Staging Tips – No. 4 – Use what you already have… more effectively


Home staging tips that save money are always popular. Whenever possible, use items that are already in the house, instead of buying new. Look around your home and re-arrange it, with the Estate Agent's photos in mind. Put matching furniture back together again, put plants and flowers in key positions in the room.  Take your own photographs to get an idea of layout.  This home was a classic example of beautiful items being hidden away...http://www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk/e3.php   Living Room before home staging [...]

Home Staging Tips – No. 4 – Use what you already have… more effectively2013-09-23T14:46:23+00:00
4 01, 2012

Home Staging Tips – No. 5 – Stick to one colour scheme


Choosing a good colour scheme that will work throughout the whole house is essential. It feels so much calmer in a house where colours flow smoothly from one room to another. Don't try to change to a completely new colour scheme, or everything will need replacing - just look at the colours that already exist, choose three that blend nicely, and remove all other colours from sight.  In this example house, the sofas were red, so this was the starting [...]

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3 01, 2012

Home Staging Tip – No. 6 – Use all the space


Another home staging tip - use every space to its full potential, so your Estate Agent can display more photographs of your property. Don't leave 'spare' rooms piled high with excess belongings.  In this example home, the dining room, study and two spare bedrooms were completely wasted - the Estate Agent could only show 2 bedrooms, which is poor value for money...http://www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk/e5.php This large office space was wasted We positioned the desk near the window...   [...]

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29 11, 2011

Name your rooms and sell your home


      When you need to sell your home, it's important to show that each room has a purpose. Some of your rooms may be multi-purpose, like the office/lounge/dining room shown here, but you should only show one of it's uses when putting your home on the market. Move or hide the other items out of sight. A good test is to name each room - 'the dining room, the study, the spare bedroom,' and everything on show in those rooms should [...]

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