I’m Lynn, and just like a fitness or life coach, I can guide you through any makeover project at your own pace.

I offer help, advice and support with all projects… small or large… makeovers, decluttering, staging for sale…

I am involved in your project as much or as little as you require.

All aspects covered - colour schemes, styles, storage requirements, furniture placement, trades, decluttering, purchasing, garden design etc

Achieve more with your budget - feel confident with your choices - know you will actually complete the project

I cover all of the UK, either in person (if within travelling distance) or via photos, videos and phone/video calls

FIVE REASONS to book a makeover coach…

You will actually finish your project!

You will achieve more with your budget

You will confidently make decisions

You can relax and enjoy the project

You will complete your project faster


If you are visiting this page because you find the idea of a home makeover or a declutter project a little daunting, please believe me, most people are exactly the same as you.

A Home Makeover Coach works with you in the same way a personal fitness or life coach does.  I can help you to understand what you are aiming for, how to approach it, be there to advise you, help with any setbacks, and push you to reach your goal.  We can make plans, create task lists, have coaching calls when you need them, and complete the project together. I have been in this business over 20 years now, and really have “seen it all” so I know the pitfalls and can help you to avoid them.

I can of course take over the whole project for you, and if this is your preference, please see home makeovers, home staging for sale or decluttering for more information.  But most clients are on a limited budget, and know that the only way they can complete the whole project is to be involved themselves to some degree.

Book a Consultation…. £225

Our 2-hour Consultations may be in person or via video call depending on location and they are the starting point for any project whether you need help with interior design, home staging or decluttering.  We will discuss everything in depth – ideas, suggestions, solutions – and I will create a plan that we can adapt as we work through the project.

We are based near Bath, and on-site Consultations are offered throughout Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, North Somerset, Gloucestershire and further afield if required.

Alternatively, our remote phone/video Consultations enable us to work with clients all over the UK (and beyond!). They are extremely popular, and we work with your photographs and videos to offer the same advice, solutions and personalised plans as if we visited you in person. 

Follow-on services from £55

After a Consultation, we offer ongoing help, advice, and even project management…

  • Coaching advice during your project, via phone or video call… £55 /hour
  • Practical help (eg, declutter, shopping, styling)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  • Planning (eg. designing, specifying, shopping)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  • Full detailed DIY plan… bespoke £395
  • Full Project Management by quotation, following a Consultation

Take a Free Initial Consultation  to chat with Lynn and understand how she can help you.

Ref Home Makeover Coaching: “We are so grateful for the injection of energy and enthusiasm that pushed us into finishing our two-stage project. And of course, I am happy to report a sale at last!”

Leone, Cambridge

I have worked (remotely) with Lynn’s coaching on a couple of room makeovers and she has been great. She takes the time to listen and understand your goals and works within a budget. She has an eye for style and colour and has a knack of bringing the whole look together in a way I simply cannot achieve by myself. Her advice is second to none!

Sonia, Midlands

At the initial consultation, Lynn listened to my likes and dislikes and discussed colour, style and budget.  She then compiled an inventory of all that was required in each room.  Lynn suggested impressive ideas that all fell within the budget. 

Qudsia, Bath

My clients comment on advice I gave them…

– Mandy, Salisbury, home staging project…Stop bringing potential buyers in through the kitchen, the house was designed to flow from the front door – we had a lovely entrance hall, but never used it.  The estate agent agreed that made a huge difference.

– Richard, Bristol, home staging project…Pay for your furniture by credit card–  saved me months of waiting and fighting for a refund when the online company I chose went bankrupt.

– Susan, Bath, home makeover project…The starting point of a colour scheme has to be from the colours that are already in the house, that you won’t be changing – for years I ignored the tiles, the flooring, the stained glass colours, and chose trendy schemes from magazines which I now know had all the wrong colours in them.  The house colours now all work together and feel very calm.