Decluttering and Organising

A life-changing experience.

Release the full potential of your home - and your life.

Imagine what you could do with your clutter-free, organised home.

For minor or major clutter issues or any level of disorganisation.

To help you sell your property or simply enjoy living there.

We offer advice, help, coaching, or even take on the entire project with you.

We can work from photos or video calls instead of a home visit if preferred.

We cover all of the UK, either in person (if within travelling distance) or via photos, videos and phone/video calls

Decluttering can be a life changing experience

Once you start to remove unwanted surplus items from your home, you will value what is left, so much more. This encourages a desire to organise and store everything properly, permanently.  You only need to do a thorough declutter once in your lifetime if you do it right.

Decluttering your home will release its full potential, as all your valuable belongings have their own dedicated space.  It is so much easier for everyone to put items away properly once they have been used. We will optimise your storage, and all items you use often will be easily accessible – no more wasted time searching for elusive belongings!  We help to create these dedicated spaces in the right areas and make your home ‘work’ for you and your family.  Your workspace would benefit too, as you can work more efficiently in an organised space.

We don’t just tell you what to do, we explain why – so you learn from the experience and understand how to avoid the same problems again in the future. Whole families can be involved, and we are constantly amazed at how the younger family members absorb our advice like a sponge, taking in all the techniques that will help them to be more organised in their own future homes.

It can also be an overwhelming experience

That’s where we can help.  Your Consultation with Lynn will allow you to clear your head, prioritise the tasks and plan the project thoroughly.  You can then go ahead and work through your plan alone, in your own time, if you prefer.  You may want a few coaching calls throughout the project to give you a boost.  Alternatively, if you are within travelling distance, we can spend a day at a time physically helping you to declutter, working through each room together.

Once your space is uncluttered, you may want us to re-style your home. If you are selling your property, we can help to style it for a fast, profitable sale.  If you are staying, we can style it to suit your family and lifestyle.

We are based near Bath, and on-site Consultations are offered throughout Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, North Somerset, Gloucestershire and further afield if required.

Alternatively, our remote phone/video Consultations enable us to work with clients all over the UK (and beyond!). They are extremely popular, and we work with your photographs and videos to offer the same advice, solutions and personalised plans as if we visited you in person. 


2-hour Consultation and Plan… £225

  • A two-hour session where our Consultant will examine all areas you are struggling with, and plan how to declutter, organise and eliminate the issues. Fewer rooms allow for more detail, but we are happy to work on an overview of the whole house. This may be in person or via video call depending on location. 

Follow-on services… from £55

After a Consultation, we offer ongoing help, advice, and even project management…

  •  Practical help (eg, declutter, shopping, styling)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  •  Planning (eg. designing, specifying, shopping)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  •  Full detailed DIY plan… bespoke £395
  •  Coaching advice during your project, via phone or video call… £55 /hour
  •  Full Project Management by quotation, following a Consultation

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How would you describe your clutter?

The image below is from The OCD Foundation (The Hoarding Centre).

In general, clutter that reaches image number 4 or higher impinges on the homeowners lives enough for them to suggest they get help with hoarding tendencies.