Declutter tip 1: What causes clutter? Open shelves.

For the first time ever this week, I had five new declutter clients, all in the same week!  There have been some new hoarding programs on the televsion lately, and I believe this has made a lot of people think about their own homes and decide it’s time to get some help before they get too bad.

Each of my five new clients has had a different reason for the clutter in their house, and I wanted to share these with you.

Monday. Declutter Client Number One.

Main cause of clutter – open shelving units for storage. These units had been used all over the house, instead of drawers and cupboards.
In the shops open shelving units look like this:

Open shelves, displayed beautifully

In reality, open shelves tend to look like this, or worse:

Used for storage

Used for storage

Here are more examples of other homes where open shelves have been used for storage and we had to declutter:


Open shelves can look cluttered even when they are tidy

shoe storage

Open shoe storage isn’t attractive

Again, messy shelves

Again, messy shelves

Open shelves are rarely used purely for display, they are often used for storage, and all the different colours and shapes placed on the shelves makes the room feel cluttered.

In my client’s home, these units had been used everywhere, even the children’s bedrooms, in place of drawers and cupboards. I always recommend proper storage first, with drawers and doors that can be closed. My client plans to declutter and replace the childrens units first, and work through the house as she can afford to.