Following a surge of new programs on the television showing how hoarders struggle with all their clutter, I have had five new declutter clients recently, all needing help for different reasons.

Thursday. Declutter client number 4.

My fourth new declutter client this week knew exactly why she held on to all her ‘stuff’ – and that of all her four children too!  When she was little, her Mother sometimes ‘tidied’ her room when she was at school.  But that didn’t mean she put the things away, she literally removed them – forever. She was obsessed with tidying and “decluttering”.  She gave her treasured things away if they had been left out!  Unbelievable. This is a prime example of why you shouldn’t declutter someone else’s belongings for them. The loss of items that you believe are ‘junk’ when you declutter can deeply effect another person.  So now, my client just can’t remove anything from her home. She keeps it all, whether it’s useful or not.

However, inspired by some of the new “Hoarding” programs on the TV, she has decided to try and sort the mess she has created.  Broken items are going, and anything genuinely no longer wanted or needed, to create proper storage space for the remaining items. It will be a gradual process, and sorting through her own bedroom with me has inspired her to keep decluttering the rest of the house.

declutter bedroom



bedroom declutter