Within a one week period, my five new declutter clients all had different reasons for booking me to help.

Wednesday. Declutter client number 3.

My third de-clutter client this week wasn’t wanting to de-clutter in the true sense of the word – she needs to create space in the house and tidy it up, or her estate agent won’t put it on the market!!!  She likes her clutter and refuses to throw or give anything away, but she does understand that the house will have a better chance of selling if it is tidier, so she called me for help.  This is a completely different type of decluttering to my previous two clients – it’s just a great big tidy-up.

My client says she isn’t ready to declutter and let anything go, she just plans to store it for use in the next home.  Often though, once a client can see just how many boxes of old clothes are being taken to storage, and just how many boxes of broken old children’s toys are being packed, and just how many boxes of books are being gathered together, they automatically start to let some of them go to charity or a good home.  I’d say on average, by the time the tenth box has been carted to storage, the penny starts to drop!  Then we not only help to sell the home, we save a fortune on storage!!

Here are some examples of rooms that would look amazing if the clutter was removed, whether as part of a proper declutter, or just as a tidy-up:


declutter bedroom

declutter living room

declutter kitchen