Sell your house faster by making every space count.

The homeowners didn’t know what to do with this room. Their family had grown up and they didn’t need the space themselves, so it became a storeroom. That’s fine, until you want to sell the property. Then, your “business head” has to take over. This room accounted for one quarter of the floor space downstairs, so if it didn’t have a sellable “use”, it would be like throwing money away. There was already a good dining space in the living area, so it wasn’t needed as a dining room. The best use in this case was a study. Useful for adults, teenagers, easy to convert to a playroom – instantly it becomes a talking point instead of a waste of space.

sell your house

Basically a storeroom, unused and unloved

sell your home

After – the house now has a study and an area to relax, overlooking the garden