Most people start to declutter or downsize by wanting to sell everything they don’t want. (Ebay, local newspapers, car boot etc.). They know roughly what the items cost them, and they still imagine they could be “worth a bob or two”. But the items usually sit there, all over the house, month after month, because it is very time consuming trying to sell everything. Sometimes you have to balance the benefit of selling an item, with the drain on your time and energy that the process may cause. Sometimes it’s actually better to just bite the bullet and give it away. (Charity shops, websites such as Freecycle etc.). Check your local charity shops – what do they take, what can’t they accept etc. Don’t give them broken / worn-out items – that’s counter-productive as they have to pay to have your rubbish taken away! 

A proper declutter should leave you feeling refreshed and positive, not guilty because you still have to work at moving the items out of the house. That’s only a partial declutter!