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So, what do you carry in your handbag?  Just what you need for the trip you are taking today, or months and months of accumulated “stuff” that just weighs you down?

This is the topic up for discussion on BBC Radio Derby this morning.

If you have a handbag clutter problem, the best advice I can give is for you to start fresh. Spend a few minutes thinking about your normal day to day life. Lots of things will impact how you can best organise your bag.  Here are some examples:

How do you normally travel?

  • By car? If so, then you may be able to use a separate bag to leave behind in the car, containing items that you MAY need whilst you are out, and can get at them easily.  Then just carry the absolute essentials with you.
  • By bus / train? Then you may need a larger bag, to allow for maybe an umbrella, maybe a book / magazine, a bottle of water etc.
  • Walking? Then try not to take too much with you if possible, because a weighty handbag can have a huge impact on your posture and balance.

Where do you normally travel to?

  • To work? Do you need anything in particular for your work? For example, I would be crazy to visit a client without a tape measure in my handbag!
  • To friends / family?  If so, do you really need lots of items “just in case”? Won’t they have all the emergency items if you need them?

Who do you travel with?

  • A partner who doesn’t carry a handbag?! Do you need extra space for all their “can you just put this in your bag” requests?
  • Children? You obviously need lots of extras in this case, but don’t forget when you do go out without them that you can leave the extra books, toys, nappies behind!

Your appearance?

  • If you like to change bags around and use different styles and colours to match your outfit, then how easy do you make this for yourself? Do you always empty on completely into another? Or do you have a dozen bags, all with extra bits in the bottom?!
  • It has been said that larger people look better with larger bags – more balanced – and vice versa. So how do you relate to this?


So, knowing your responses to the above questions, you can plan how to use your bag in the most efficient way. Use handbags with compartments. Consider a handbag organiser insert, where your essential items are all arranged into a core bag, and can be removed from one bag and placed into another. Maybe have just one section in your bag to “dump” receipts etc so you can have a quick, simple declutter once in a while.

Good luck!!

Here are a few responses from Facebook, where I asked my friends and colleagues what they carry in their handbags:

This first one is my favourite – from a friend who has such a big, full bag that she has to keep important things OUT!!



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