We are based near Bath, and on-site Consultations are offered throughout Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, North Somerset, Gloucestershire and further afield if required (mileage charges may be necessary, please ask us.).  

Alternatively, our remote phone/video Consultations are extremely popular, and we work with your photographs and videos to offer the same advice, inspiration, solutions and ‘Plan of Action’ as if we visited you in person.  This enables us to work with clients all over the UK (and beyond!)

FREE Initial Consultation Call

We offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss any project, and discover how we can help you.   Call, text or email us to arrange this at a mutually convenient time.

2-hour Consultation and Plan… £225

Our 2-hour Consultations may be in person or via video call depending on location and they are the starting point for any project whether you need help with interior design, home staging or decluttering.  We will discuss everything in depth – ideas, suggestions, solutions – and I will create a plan that we can adapt as we work through the project.

Follow-on services from £55…

After a Consultation, we offer ongoing help, advice, and even project management…

  •  Practical help (eg, declutter, shopping, styling)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  •  Planning (eg. designing, specifying, shopping)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  •  Full detailed DIY plan… bespoke £395
  •  Coaching advice during your project, via phone or video call… £55 /hour
  •  Full Project Management by quotation, following a Consultation

Bespoke Home Makeover Courses... personalised for you and your home... £295, £395 or £495

An ideal gift or a chance to learn a new skill. The makeover course can take place in your own home, if within travelling distance, or remotely, via photos/videos and phone/video calls.  It will include makeover advice for several rooms in your house, as an integral part of the course. It is similar to having one of the Consultations, but we teach you the thought processes and ‘rules’ to be followed so that you know how to make your own informed decisions in the future. The 2-hour course includes makeover advice for 2 rooms, the 3-hour course includes up to 4 rooms in your house, and the 4-hour course includes up to 6 rooms. See Home Makeover Courses for the details.

Tradesmen - price by quotation

You may wish to add new furniture, decorate, replace carpets etc. We can advise on all of this, and can offer the services of our own handy-man and decorator, if local, as well as other local trades and suppliers. We are happy to work with your own preferred trades too, and have many contacts to help you find local trades wherever you are in the UK.

Full DIY Report - following any Consultation... £395

If you love the ideas we suggested in your consultation, and want to go ahead and implement them yourself, we can produce a detailed personalised DIY plan for you to follow. It will specify key products, colours, styles and techniques, all tailored to your budget. The step-by-step instructions ensure that your project flows smoothly.  We include Trades Instruction Lists for each tradesperson, specifying all their tasks, so accurate quotes from your local trades can easily be obtained.

Gift Vouchers... Consultation Voucher £225, Makeover Voucher from £10

The Consultation Gift Voucher includes a Consultation and a Consultation Plan where all the suggestions are recorded room-by-room. It will be designed around the requirements of the recipient(s), so it could be for decluttering, home makeovers, home staging, coaching etc.

Following a Consultation, personalised Home Makeover Gift Vouchers are available for those who want to contribute to the makeover. Maybe several friends or family want to join together for a special occasion? We can produce ‘Wish Lists” following the Consultation, and include declutter days, Makeover days, trades, carpets, decorating, furniture etc in addition to the regular toaster / kettle requests! Talk to us.

A Home Makeover example...


A Home Staging example...


A Show Home example...


Before decluttering...