Home Makeover Coaching, Sonia

I have worked (remotely) with Lynn on  couple of room makeovers and she has been great. She takes the time to listen and understand your goals and works within a budget. She has an eye for style and colour and has a knack of bringing the whole look together in a way I simply cannot achieve by myself. Her advice is second to none!

Home Staging her own home, Jane, an Estate Agent

Good morning Lynn! I’m still reeling from the shock! House on Rightmove on Saturday, accepted cash offer from first viewer on Wednesday… his financial position confirmed yesterday… and solicitors instructed! Fingers crossed it all goes through. Thanks a million!  (And it did go through!)  

Jamie, Mulberry Residential Estate Agents

The farmhouse looks amazing.  Lynn was here for the Open Day, and her love of the house and enthusiasm for its versatility had all the viewers captivated.

Showhome – Tricia, Positive Homes, Nottingham

Wow, we love it!. The colours you have chosen really complement the house.  It looks so good. Everyone who has seen it says it has the wow factor! We’ve got an 8 home development in North Nottingham next year and will want you for a show home. UPDATE; Both houses sold quickly, and the dressing absolutely helped with the sale!

Home makeover – Ellie, Sudbury, Suffolk

I just want to send a message first thing to say how much we ALL love the changes. The house is now a home and I am so happy we found you. That really was a long day for you and I am grateful for everything you put into the project and also your positive energy!  You really didn’t stop and I think the end results are brilliant!!

Declutter – Mary, Nottingham

This so a true example of speculated to accumulate! A special thanks to Lynn and her team for all their hard work and effort that made this project such an overwhelming success. ***5—star review on Google!*** I can not fault the service that I received from Lynn and her team. The project was done to time, budget and best of all sold to the first person who walked through the door to view the property for more or less the full asking price. I know that would have not been possible before Lynn’s help.

Show Home – Richard, Evesham

Wow! I have been looking at it all day, but still can’t believe it looks that good! On behalf of everyone, thank you so much for your work and fantastic photos. Every single person that sees it is simply wowed.  Great team effort all round, finished off in great style.  Thank you!

Home staging – David, Wiltshire

We were overwhelmed by our clutter and didn’t know where to start when we had to move house for my job relocation. Your thoughtfulness and practical planning made it so much easier, Lynn. And knowing you were returning the following week pushed us into action each time. Not that you are scary – just the opposite!

Home staging – Leone, Cambridge

We are so grateful for the injection of energy and enthusiasm that pushed us into finishing our two-stage project. And of course, I am happy to report a sale at last!  

Home Staging – Colin, Cresswell, Stoke

I had absolutely no idea that my “Party Room” had been turning all my potential buyers off the property. I thought they would love it as I did! Thank you, Lynn, for being so honest and open, and encouraging and helping me along the journey.

Home staging – Judith, Worcester

I can’t thank you enough for how you helped us to move forward. Both physically and emotionally your expertise and approach were invaluable. You ‘lifted’ both the house and my fears of moving. The house needed that facelift and now looks so much bigger and lighter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your very hard work and magic touch. I thoroughly enjoyed our day together, especially unwrapping all the goodies. We had four different estate agents look around and they were all impressed. The thought of setting up the new nest with your guidance cheers me up greatly.

Flat staging – Karen, Bristol

I just met up with the Estate Agents and put the flat on the market. They had seen the flat as it was originally – and couldn’t believe the difference!  They have increased the price! David wasn’t convinced about home staging, but he is now – he can’t believe the difference.  

Home staging – Jane, Estate Agent, Nottingham

Good morning Lynn! I’m still reeling from the shock!   House on Rightmove on Saturday, accepted cash offer from first viewer on Wednesday… his financial position confirmed yesterday… and solicitors instructed! Fingers crossed it all goes through. Thanks a million!  (And it did go through!)  

Showhome – Julie, Catkin Properties, Nottingham

Lynn has a positive energy and was able to transform my property at short notice to look better than I could ever imagine – much better than I could have done myself. I will definitely use Lynn on my next project.

Showhome – Mark, The Fitzpatrick Group

Delghted with your work, as per usual, thanks Lynn. See you next time!  

New-home Makeover – Victoria, Reading

You have allowed two people with no vision to live in a beautiful home! Thank you so much! We love it. Everything is beautiful and everything we could have imagined and more. You are a true artist in your work. My dressing room is so gorgeous, of course that is the room I ran to first and Akin loved his new office space and ‘executive’ chair! Our favourite part is the light over the table and the matching lamp. They are truly stunning and we love the effect it casts Thank you so much!  

Showhome – Roger, RJH Building Construction, Leicester

We were very impressed with our Show Home, delivered on time and within budget. This is the first time we have needed a Show Home, but we felt we made the right decision and we are sure the property sold much faster than it would have done if left empty.

New-home Makeover – Qudsia, Bath

At the initial consultation, Lynn listened to my likes and dislikes and discussed colour, style and budget.  She then compiled an inventory of all that was required in each room.  Lynn suggested impressive ideas that all fell within the budget, then she purchased them for me and concluded with a styling day. Lynn arranges furniture, artwork and accessories to emphasise focal points and make the room feel less cluttered. She has a real eye for detail, purchasing items that look so much more expensive than they actually are. Lynn, your warm enthusiastic professional patient approach has made the house a home and the envy of family and friends. Thank you.

Showhome – Andy, Magic Properties, Nottingham

Good news; we have received an offer at the asking price for flat 1! Can you come and move everything up into flat 2 now please?!   Great job as always.  I visited yesterday and the flat has a lovely feel, I am delighted. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who delivers on their promises – spot on!

Home staging – Katy, Castle Donnington

We really can’t thank you enough for all your help, patience and effort looking after our little cottage. After years of dealing with blustering estate agents, you have been a breath of fresh air. I have really appreciated all your help and common sense approach.  

Home staging – Cathy, Wiltshire

I am absolutely blown away by what you have done. It looks fabulous and exceeded my expectations.  I remember feeling overwhelmed standing in the house when it was derelict and wondering what on earth I was going to do.  I had a great building team behind me getting it into shape, but what you have done has just put the icing on my Birthday cake! I can categorically say that if ever I need to sell a property again, I will always come to you to stage it!

Home Makeover – Chris and Dawn, Gloucestershire

Thanks for a great job. Lovely rooms! Thank you so much for your advice.”  

Home staging – Julian and Irene, Salisbury

Thanks for all your help which really made a crucial difference to getting a sale at such a good price in the current conditions. We had two potential purchasers bidding against each other in the end! The buyer was a doctor who saw the photos from afar and wanted somewhere he could just move straight into without having to do any work on it, and thought ours looked ideal.

Home staging – Sabrina, Worcestershire

We can’t understand why for the sake of a few hundred quid people don’t use the service before they go on the market, its crazy not to!  

Home staging – Patricia, Worcestershire

We estimated around £280k, but the Estate Agent was so impressed he said £290k, and we sold to the first viewing for almost the full price! Thanks for a great day and your magic touches once again! Now get rid of those awful ‘before’ photographs!!”  

Home staging – Sarah, Birmingham

Lynn, following your help with our home styling, our house was valued higher than we expected and we had many viewings and an excellent offer, at very close to the asking price within 3 weeks of it going on the market. Many thanks for your expertise!  

Home staging – George, Banbury

"It is only in quietness from the activity frenzy that I see how the lilacs, purples, greens, creams etc are running through the house.   You took so many wonderful photographs that I can’t decide which to use on the Estate agents website!" Random comments from the various Estate Agents; •A1 presentation •The presentation exceeds even my expectations •Fantastic finish •The house feels bigger and roomier •The bedrooms have a lot of room •Is the bathroom new? •Unusual kitchen - very nice •Very well presented •Love the motif in the kids room •Love the carrot •The property is so beautifully dressed"

Home staging – Colin, Worcester

Sale agreed at asking price! Just took one week to sell. Sure your input was a significant factor.  We are both in shock!  I earned brownie points from Judith, who thought staging a waste of time… until she met you!

Home staging – Peter, Wolverhampton

I tried to sell my house for four months with no success and what little feedback I had hinted that the decor needed updating, come to think of it, they didn't hint, they were quite blunt about it.  Someone suggested I needed professional help, I think they meant a psychiatrist actually, but instead I searched online for a "house doctor" and fortunately I spotted Lynn's website.  I chose her because she even teaches other home improvement students how to do it. An appointment for an in-depth appraisal was made and Lynn duly arrived, putting me instantly at ease with her friendly, down to earth demeanor and soon started taking photos of the place and planning the changes needed.  I was impressed by her incredible attention to detail, noticing every little thing that was wrong with the layout.  Next, Lynn sent me a spreadsheet detailing the plan, costs, schedule, etc. First, we had a de-cluttering day, where we separated my assorted junk into categories, worth keeping, worth using, sell on ebay, take to charity or consign to the dump, the latter being the biggest pile.  Halfway through the day I fell prey to a migraine headache, a common occurance, but Lynn soldiered on by herself and completed the job alone. Next were a few days with Lynn’s team attending to the "handyman" tasks which I have neither the aptitude nor interest in doing.  Putting up window blinds, replacing a dodgy floorboard, various gardening repair jobs, etc. Lynn spent another day of organising with me and even found the time to weed the garden, clearing an entire border and filling my green wheelie bin to capacity and putting me to shame with her efforts. Following on, using trusted contractors that Lynn had worked with previously, the house was painted throughout using light, neutral colours. It was a great improvement but combining that with the subsequent installation of the new carpets brought about a jaw dropping change for the better. The final visit saw Lynn and team arrive for the staging day where they put in place light fittings, curtains, ornaments, lamps, little tables and artwork.  By the time they had finished the whole place had been transformed into a showhome.  The difference was just staggering and it felt as if I had moved into a brand new house.  Now, instead of worrying about trying to hide faults from would-be buyers I am actually looking forward to showing people around.  In fact, I almost feel I should be charging admission.  Should I insist they take their shoes off? I cannot thank Lynn enough for her enthusiasm, attention to detail, remarkable energy, artistic skills and professionalism.  Nothing was too much trouble.  If you need help to sell a property or simply want to revitalise your home for your own use then grab 'em while they are available.  Oh and what's more, Lynn's recommended migraine painkillers worked too!

Home staging – Alison, Cheshire

Lynn, the cottage sold straight away, for over the asking price!  I watched the details go live, then the agent called within minutes to arrange a viewing - then 3 more - and they all offered over the asking price! Ther were some lovely comments on the agents’ Facebook page. Thank you for your design work, it looked amazing.

Home staging – Prue, Derbyshire

Fantastic value for money! Brilliant photos Lynn !!! Great to see both before & after.  If any of your future clients need a reference site, I am very happy to talk to them !! You deserve a good nights sleep now !!  Thanks again for a great job

House Doctor course makeover – Clare, Nottingham

Thank you so much for transforming our home – it is stunning and we are absolutely delighted with it!  The new ways you suggested of using our rooms and the furniture layout (particularly in that difficult living room!) are perfect and we are really pleased with how you managed to work with our existing colours to enhance each room but also make the house come together as a whole.  It really flows and feels complete. You have helped us get the sort of look we would never have had the confidence or creative ability to achieve by ourselves! What an amazing experience, Lynn you are a very talented lady!

Home makeover – Dheya, Coventry

Thank you for coming along today, I really enjoyed meeting you and likewise very much enjoyed working through ideas. It felt like a very organic progression through the afternoon and it felt like brainstorming with a friend to come up with good ideas - clearly that's what you're good at! I've got so much to think about now! But will move forwards with more excitement than trepidation which I think I was starting to feel. The project seems much more achievable including not completely bankrupting myself to do it.

Bedroom makeover – Jane, Nottingham

Brilliant. My daughter loves her room so much. You don’t just change decor, you make life just that little bit better. Thank you. 

Declutter – Rose, Birmingham

I keep finding new and lovely things that you have done, that I didn’t notice before, in areas that I’d only taken a cursory glance at.  But now I am loving experiencing the true extent of what we have done, and I realise that I have had incredible value for money, and feel absolutely thrilled with what you have achieved with such apparent ease.

Home staging – Phillida, Nottingham

"I really think I may want to stay here after all this!" - And she did!

Kitchen makeover – Kathy, Nottinghamshire

Had a brilliant day! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and expertise. I'm planning to do my bedroom next - I'll be calling you soon!

Home makeover – Lynda, Gotham

Thank you Lynn, for your thoughtful and considerate re-style of our home. Your report, delivered when promised, gave us a schedule to work with and we really appreciated your continued support.

House makeover – Jo, Burton-on-Trent

Really wanted to thank you for all your efforts and enthusiasm over the project, it has been really great! I so appreciate all your help and expert advice.  I enjoyed seeing your finishing touches transform the house into a home!    

Home makeover – Helen, Leicestershire

Many Thanks for such a fabulous experience and for giving me such a beautiful home. It will take a little more time to really believe that this is all here to stay!

Home makeover (consultation only) – Doug, Leicestershire

We have stuck to your ideas and they have worked really well. We thank you again for getting us started off on the process - it's what we needed and we are having fun adding our own touches.

Home organisation- Claire, Buxton

Thank you so much for your work and especially the kindness and patience you showed me all the time you were with me.

Downsizing and staging – Margery, Warrington, Cheshire

Things are moving quickly now, I needed that initial kick-start, thank you. Thanks for making things seem less scary.

Home staging – Michelle, Renishaw

"I hated my house, and couldn't wait to move. Now you've sorted it, I'd happily stay a few more years." (But she didn't have to, as she had five offers within a week!)

Show home styling – Chris, Chesterfield

I can't thank you enough! The Estate Agent confirmed that you alone were responsible for the huge increase in the asking price of this property. Amazing!

Property Developer

Decluttering – Susan, Calverton

Thank you for enabling me to create my 'perfect home'. I am absolutely thrilled with the final result, and I couldn't have done it without your invaluable support.

Home staging – Rob, West Bridgford

It worked! We have had an offer from a first time buyer who we showed round today - for the full asking price!

New-home styling – Roman Bednar, footballer for West Brom

I LOVE my new home! It feels exactly like I wanted it to, you got it just right.

Home staging – Tony, Stoke

We would like to thank you for all your hard work and for giving us the benefit of your artistic flare. When you left, we continued to wander around the house for most of the evening, and all weekend we kept finding more little finishing touches! I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.