When planning any type of home makeover, take a good, honest look around and see how much clutter you really have to deal with.  Now is the time to tackle it, before you start the makeover.  You can’t plan effective storage if you don’t know exactly what you need to store, so remove everything that shouldn’t be in the room.

• De-clutter thoroughly before a makeover – every cupboard, every drawer • Analyse everything you have left, and provide adequate storage as part of the new scheme

If the makeover is for selling purposes… • Remove everything unless it’s part of the scheme and enhances the photos • Try to de-clutter as you’re packing the excess items away, so it doesn’t all come with you

Here are some examples of how we deal with clutter:

Remove all children’s toys and artwork
Creating a playroom for the children allowed the other rooms in the house to stay tidy and clutter-free
bedroom de clutter
Before – the Master Bedroom of a house that was soon to go on the market
bedroom declutter
After – even on a low budget, we were able to make a huge difference to the room
Before – another bedroom in the same house
bedroom declutter
After – there weren’t many useable items in this room, so we borrowed from elsewhere in the house. Ideally, this should have been a double room, but the budget didn’t allow for a new bed
Before – a bare porch, apart from the cluttered shoe rack
declutter porch
After – adequate storage and some soft touches
cluttered bedroom
Before – remove all the visual clutter
de clutter bedroom
After – a much calmer space
declutter utility
Before – allow adequate storage space in your house to avoid this mess


clutter in wardrobes
After – the wardrobes upstairs were full of old clothes, so it didn’t take long to sort this room once they were emptied