This was a wonderful project to work on. Updating a house that has not been altered in any way for many years – whatever the reason – is really rewarding, especially when the homeowner is ready to make those changes, and allows you a free-rein, within an agreed budget. The purpose of the update was to help to sell the house, but an added bonus for the homeowner was the amount of decluttering that I helped him with, which will make his move so much easier.

See Peter’s review of our services here:

outdated living room

Before. The combination of patterned ceiling AND carpet made the ceiling feel low.

updated living room

After – the room felt twice the size!

outdated dining room

Before – this blue was a little strong for the room

updated dining room

After – this green brought the room to life, and the modern table and chairs from the kitchen were perfect.

home staging

Before – a bedroom downstairs and a study upstairs didn’t make sense for potential buyers


home staging

After – so we swopped them around!

home staging

Before – the study was upstairs


After – this double bedroom was light and airy

outdated bedroom

Before – an outdated Master Bedroom… in pink!

updated bedroom

After – a spacious bedroom in modern colours

garden makeover

Before – half of the garden was blocked by an overgrown tree, and so was a potentially lovely view of the surrounding fields

garden makeover

After – so we bid a sad farewell to the tree, (well, one of us did – sorry, Peter!), and re-instated one of the main flower beds

The property has been re-launched on the market now, and Peter has already had three viewings in five days, so I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed for him.