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These are the Home Staging “Before” and “After” photographs for the property I recently wrote about in my blog: “Darley Abbey Makeover.”

My aim was to connect the inside of the house with the outside.  The garden is so beautiful that the house needed lightening and brightening to match.

UPDATE: This house sold within a week! See the link below to the report in the Derby Telegraph.

home staging Darley Abbey, Derby

17 Folley Road, Darley Abbey. Derby.

home staging derby

The Living Room… before. This room was used both as a dining room and a living room, which made the space feel cramped, even though the room is big.


living room home staging

The Living Room after the makeover.



home staging dining room

The Dining Room was used as a study before the makeover, but I felt it was important to show the potential of this space – a dining area for a large family

dining room makeover

The dining room



study makeover

This room downstairs was used by the family as a fourth bedroom, and is next to a shower room, so the bedroom potential here is obvious… but I chose to show the room as a study, because so many families need a large study area, or playroom etc.


…but I chose to show the room as a study, because so many families need a large study area, or playroom etc.



The Master Bedroom... before the makeover

The Master Bedroom… before the makeover

master bedroom home staging

Master bedroom


master bedroom makeover

And another photo of the Master Bedroom before…

master bedroom after

The Master Bedroom… after the makeover



bedroom home staging

The second bedroom before the makeover…

bedroom makeover

Second bedroom



bedroom makeover

The third bedroom before the makeover…

bedroom makeover

The third bedroom… still a fairly small room, but this shows just how much space there is available once a bed has been added.



bathroom makeover

The bathroom before the makeover…

bathroom home staging

The bathroom is so light and fresh now

See this link to the Daily Telegraph article summary…  http://www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk/blog/derby-telegraph-report-sold-in-a-week/


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