Home Staging in Twycross.

This beautiful home had great potential. The large family home had been converted so that the entire ground floor was a separate dwelling, suitable for older members of the family, or grown-up children, or even to be rented. The remainder of the house was on the top two floors. There was an interior stairway to connect the two properties if required, and it was very flexible. The owner was living in the lower apartment, and the upper floors hadn’t been lived in for a while.

The house had been on the market with a couple of estate agents for around two years, with very little interest. I found that the main problem was that they were not emphasising the main feature of the property – the separate apartment, and all the benefits of this space. The photographs just showed a selection of rooms overall.  The house needed home staging to make it feel like a home again.

Here are the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs of the house:

home staging

home staging living room

home staging kitchen

dining room

bedroom makeover

The home staging project continued into the apartment as follows:

home staging leicestershire

bedroom makeover twycross

home staging twycross

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