Over the years, I’ve met so many people with clutter problems that I thought I knew all the triggers – ie. all the reasons why they have been unable to let certain things go from their lives, and have consequently become surrounded by clutter. For example, bereavement (holding on to everything), loss of confidence (marriage break-up, redundancy), overly-tidy parents (leads to children growing-up rebelling against this), very busy families (no time to tidy up), empty-nesters (as children grow up and leave, parents hold on to everything for them, and buy more things to help fill the gap they have left – new hobbies etc), living through wartime (waste not want not) and spoilt children (used to being surrounded by all their toys but never being taught how to tidy them away!) etc.

Here are some examples:

(See the De-Clutter photo gallery for more examples.)

But this week I was sad to find another trigger for cluttering. Years ago, my client had been in an abusive relationship and was too worried to let anything go because of the consequences of it not being there if it was required. After several happy years with a new partner, my client is finally ready to start letting go, and sorting out, and although there were a few difficult moments during the day, the three of us really managed to make a difference.  Well done to a lovely couple. x