Please help me to sell my house” said my new client on the phone. (The first sentence she ever said to me.)  And the second one was “I hate it and I have to move!”

That was the first and only time I have had a client confess they really hate their home, and I felt like she meant it. Lots of clients “hate” a room, or a wardrobe or a colour, and would “like” to move, but this was really extreme. It was one of my first big challenges, several years ago now.

Needless to say, we rose to the challenge and only a week later, she was so delighted that she said shewouldn’t mind living here another year or two!”.  However, that wasn’t necessary, as she received 5 real offers in the first week! Spending £500 on accessories and employing Home Stylers for four days was a great investment, as she earned over £10,000 profit, a fast sale, and lots of new accessories to take to her new house!

Before - the living room, cold and un-inviting

Before – the living room, cold and un-inviting

sell my house



Before - the dining room was never used

Before – the dining room was never used


After – they already had this artwork, they just hadn’t hung it!

Before - the master bedroom

Before – the master bedroom


After – excuse the poor photography skills, I have learnt a great deal since then!

bedroom makeover


bedroom makeover


Another side-effect of this “sell my house” makeover was that the teenage daughter realised just how good it was to have a room she could be proud of, and invite all her friends to visit. She vowed to always keep her room like that, and I have been reliably informed that she does!

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