One-day Home Makeover

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This home is the third we have staged for Patricia, who enjoys the challenges of property development.

Just before she invites the Estate Agents to visit, we spend a day in the house, tweaking, hanging, adding, subtracting, finishing… and taking photographs.

She often has other family members there too, and we have a really enjoyable day working together as a team.

“We estimated around £280k, but the Estate Agent was so impressed he said £290k, and we sold to the first viewing for almost the full price!

Thanks for a great day and your magic touches once again! Now get rid of those awful ‘before’ photographs!!”

Patricia, Worcestershire

“We can’t understand why for the sake of a few hundred quid people don’t use the service before they go on the market, its crazy not to!”

Sabrina, (daughter), Worcestershire