Home Staging a wreck of a cottage

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We staged a regular 4-bed property for Cathy and she was delighted with the results. So when she called with another project, we were expecting something similar. But no – when Cathy opened the door to this derelict cottage – with no floors, ceiling, anything, just a bare shell – I was actually speechless.

Cathy wanted a coaching session to plan the layout and design of the cottage, which she would then hand over to me for staging. There was no electricity or anywhere to sit in the cottage, so of course we had to spend a few hours in the local pub!

“I am absolutely blown away by what you have done. It looks fabulous and exceeded my expectations.  I remember feeling overwhelmed standing in the house when it was derelict and wondering what on earth I was going to do.  I had a great building team behind me getting it into shape, but what you have done has just put the icing on my Birthday cake!

I can categorically say that if ever I need to sell a property again, I will always come to you to stage it.

Cathy, Wiltshire