Declutter & Home Staging a rented property

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This landlord had been trying to sell the house whilst he still had tenants. In these circumstances, this was a big mistake.  Cluttered, dirty presentation will always devalue a house.  Once the tenants had gone, the trades went straight in, and a few days later, we added some furniture, art and finishing touches.

“It is only in quietness from the activity frenzy that I see how the lilacs, purples, greens, creams etc are running through the house.

You took so many wonderful photographs that I can’t decide which to use on the Estate agents website!”

George, Banbury

“Random comments from the various Estate Agents;

  • A1 presentation
  • The presentation exceeds even my expectations
  • Fantastic finish
  • The house feels bigger and roomier
  • The bedrooms have a lot of room
  • Is the bathroom new?
  • Unusual kitchen – very nice
  • Very well presented
  • Love the motif in the kids room
  • Love the carrot
  • The property is so beautifully dressed”