Home Staging a farmhouse

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Two brothers inherited this property, and both of them lived quite a distance away, which made clearing the house themselves and preparing it for sale almost impossible.  Following a long, in-depth Consultation, we made a plan that enabled me to sort through the house, prepare it for one brief visit from the brothers to decide what to keep and what can go… then they left me to remove all the excess, and stage what was left.

They whole family was quite emotional when I had completed the project – they felt the farmhouse deserved to look its best for the next family who would live in it.

Sometimes, staging a house isn’t JUST about selling as quickly as possible, for the highest price… sometimes it is a way of dealing with the emotional side of selling a home.  Decluttering and freshening a house for sale is a process, and I always find the less familiar the house looks to the owner, the easier they find it to let go and move on.