Showhome, Evesham

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Richard contacted me regarding a Showhome he was considering. He had converted an office block into 6 flats, in Evesham.  He showed several designers around the flats, but chose me – one of the reasons was that I wanted to make the most awkward, smaller, mis-shapen flat into the Showhome, not the large, straightforward flat that the others had chosen.

My reasoning was that the large flats were really obvious. You could see at first glance where the sofas, tables, beds, TV etc should go.  The smaller flat was a really difficult shape.  The Living space was almost impossible to imagine, and it even took me a while to form a plan that would incorporate a kitchen, dining table, fireplace, two sofas and a TV, all in the one room.

My worry was that the other flats would sell quickly, and he would be left with this difficult one for much longer.  So why not make it appealing right from the start? (My plan worked, it was not the last to sell!)

“Wow! I have been looking at it all day, but still can’t believe it looks that good!”

“On behalf of everyone, thank you so much for your work and fantastic photos. Every single person that sees it is simply wowed. 

Great team effort all round, finished off in great style.  Thank you!”

Richard, Banner House