3 01, 2012

Home Staging Tip – No. 6 – Use all the space


Another home staging tip - use every space to its full potential, so your Estate Agent can display more photographs of your property. Don't leave 'spare' rooms piled high with excess belongings.  In this example home, the dining room, study and two spare bedrooms were completely wasted - the Estate Agent could only show 2 bedrooms, which is poor value for money...http://www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk/e5.php This large office space was wasted We positioned the desk near the window...   [...]

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2 01, 2012

Home Staging Tip – No. 7 – Don’t ‘neutralise’ everything


Another home staging tip relating to colour:  Numerous clients have heared that they need to 'neutralise' and declutter their rooms when trying to sell - so they take everything out apart from the furniture, and paint all the walls cream.  This leaves totally bland rooms that look terrible in photographs. Declutter, yes, but keep interesting accessories and artwork, to create focal points and interest in each room. See this house for examples...http://www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk/ann_maurice4.php 

Home Staging Tip – No. 7 – Don’t ‘neutralise’ everything2013-09-23T14:47:03+00:00
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