15 03, 2016

Derby Telegraph report: “Sold in a week!”


This was the second article in the Derby Telegraph, relating to the makeover of this home in Derby - because it sold within the week!! http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/8203-Sold-week-Makeover-did-trick-Darley-Abbey/story-28018284-detail/story.html Derby Telegraph article summary: FIRST impressions count for property buyers as vendor Jonathan Oakes discovered. After having his Darley Abbey home restyled in preparation for an open day, his property sold within a week. Jonathan knew his bachelor pad, 17 Folly Road, needed "a woman's touch" so called in professional home stager Lynn Pick [...]

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5 03, 2016

Home staging and updating a house stuck in Memory Lane


This was a wonderful project to work on. Updating a house that has not been altered in any way for many years - whatever the reason - is really rewarding, especially when the homeowner is ready to make those changes, and allows you a free-rein, within an agreed budget. The purpose of the update was to help to sell the house, but an added bonus for the homeowner was the amount of decluttering that I helped him with, which will make his move [...]

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5 03, 2016

The fastest home staging ever!


This home staging project was completed at top speed - before a potential buyer came back for their second visit!  My Consultation was arranged for a Thursday afternoon, and during the session, I discovered that a potential buyer had already seen the house, and had a second viewing booked for the following week - but she had commented on several occasions that the house was dark.  Well, that sounded like a challenge to me - especially as I agreed with her.  So, [...]

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3 10, 2015

Home Staging Derbyshire


These are the Home Staging "Before" and "After" photographs for the property I recently wrote about in my blog: "Darley Abbey Makeover." My aim was to connect the inside of the house with the outside.  The garden is so beautiful that the house needed lightening and brightening to match. UPDATE: This house sold within a week! See the link below to the report in the Derby Telegraph. 17 Folley Road, Darley Abbey. Derby. The Living Room... before. [...]

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1 10, 2015

Darley Abbey Makeover


I was so lucky with the weather during this makeover in Darley Abbey, Derby. The sun shone on the beautiful garden every time I needed inspiration for the house! The property is located in a lovely peaceful area, and the garden is stunning - designed and developed by the homeowner, who is an arboriculturalist, (tree specialist), so you can imagine the variety of trees and plants on show all year round. The décor in the house itself was a little tired, but after the makeover of course it is [...]

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5 04, 2014

One day home staging in Coventry


Just one day of shopping and one day of home staging made a huge difference to the appeal of this home. My client borrowed some basic furniture from friends, and I took everything else with me. The estate agents were amazed, and increased the asking price of the house immediately!  My client said: "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it, the place looks amazing. You have really bought out the best in the place and the colour schemes are gorgeous.  You were right about [...]

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16 10, 2013

One-day home staging – a character property in Shropshire


I had the pleasure of home staging a beautiful character property in Shropshire. I went for a 3-hour consultation whilst we made our plans, then the family followed my instructions on clearing/tidying for the next few days, and I returned for one day of home staging and taking photographs.  This is a really cost-effective way of having great photographs which gives you the best chance of selling the property. My client was delighted when it sold. She said  "It’s been a really tough [...]

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14 10, 2013

Home staging in Stoke. Sold after 5 years!


Home Staging in Cresswell, Stoke. This property had been on the market for an unbelievable FIVE years! It still took four months to sell after I staged it, but the estate agents and my client were delighted. He said: Hi Lynn I hope you are keeping well. Good news on my house sale. During the past 4 months I had 12 viewings, and in September 3 offers, one of which I accepted and just waiting for the solicitors to finish [...]

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14 10, 2013

Home Staging in Bedworth, Coventry. A modern 3 bed house with a mixed colour scheme.


Home staging in Bedworth. This house was modern, with none of the usual clutter or DIY issues that I have come to expect in a home with a young child and working parents. The homeowners called me for help as they needed to obtain the highest possible price for it, so that they could purchase their dream home. They didn't feel they could "finish it off" to the high standard they knew was required. During my consultation, I realised the colour scheme [...]

Home Staging in Bedworth, Coventry. A modern 3 bed house with a mixed colour scheme.2013-10-17T18:01:59+00:00
10 10, 2013

Home staging in Nottingham. A five bed house on a busy road.


Home Staging in Nottingham. SOLD! To the current homeowners!! Here are some of my client's comments soon after I completed the project: "Just a quick note to say thanks for the amazing job, totally exceeded expectations. Wow, the photos look amazing....what a contrast, thanks Lynn - you really have a gift for this. Had really good response from estate agents so far so very optimistic...they were very impressed with the styling, especially Steve from FHP" Then a few days later, [...]

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