I’m often asked about common mistakes made when homeowners do their own makeovers – whether they are selling, or simply updating their home. Here’s ten really common ones:

1) Clashing colours – they change the colour scheme and ‘conveniently’ forget items that still have to be in the rooms, so they clash – for example: Stained glass windows, carpets and tiles.

2) Mixed metals – Choose brass, gold, shiny chome or satin chrome – but not all together.

3) Sofa too large for the room – just because they ‘loved it in the shop!!’

4) Leave bed bases showing – always hide with a valence

5) No colour theme through house – house feels disjointed

6) Not enough storage, so items are left out on show that don’t blend with the colour scheme

7) Leave paint on light switches and sockets

8) Keep old plants or new saplings in prominent positions – buy new ones!!

9) Don’t add the final touches – often the homeowner is exhausted with all the decorating decisions they have had to make, and leave the accessorising “for later” – but it never gets done!

10) Leave a bed without a headboard – the room always looks unfinished and student flat-like!!