I tried to sell my house for four months with no success and what little feedback I had hinted that the decor needed updating, come to think of it, they didn’t hint, they were quite blunt about it.  Someone suggested I needed professional help, I think they meant a psychiatrist actually, but instead I searched online for a “house doctor” and fortunately I spotted Lynn’s website.  I chose her because she even teaches other home improvement students how to do it.

An appointment for an in-depth appraisal was made and Lynn duly arrived, putting me instantly at ease with her friendly, down to earth demeanor and soon started taking photos of the place and planning the changes needed.  I was impressed by her incredible attention to detail, noticing every little thing that was wrong with the layout.  Next, Lynn sent me a spreadsheet detailing the plan, costs, schedule, etc.

First, we had a de-cluttering day, where we separated my assorted junk into categories, worth keeping, worth using, sell on ebay, take to charity or consign to the dump, the latter being the biggest pile.  Halfway through the day I fell prey to a migraine headache, a common occurance, but Lynn soldiered on by herself and completed the job alone.

Next were a few days with Lynn’s team attending to the “handyman” tasks which I have neither the aptitude nor interest in doing.  Putting up window blinds, replacing a dodgy floorboard, various gardening repair jobs, etc.

Lynn spent another day of organising with me and even found the time to weed the garden, clearing an entire border and filling my green wheelie bin to capacity and putting me to shame with her efforts.

Following on, using trusted contractors that Lynn had worked with previously, the house was painted throughout using light, neutral colours. It was a great improvement but combining that with the subsequent installation of the new carpets brought about a jaw dropping change for the better.

The final visit saw Lynn and team arrive for the staging day where they put in place light fittings, curtains, ornaments, lamps, little tables and artwork.  By the time they had finished the whole place had been transformed into a showhome.  The difference was just staggering and it felt as if I had moved into a brand new house.  Now, instead of worrying about trying to hide faults from would-be buyers I am actually looking forward to showing people around.  In fact, I almost feel I should be charging admission.  Should I insist they take their shoes off?

I cannot thank Lynn enough for her enthusiasm, attention to detail, remarkable energy, artistic skills and professionalism.  Nothing was too much trouble.  If you need help to sell a property or simply want to revitalise your home for your own use then grab ’em while they are available.  Oh and what’s more, Lynn’s recommended migraine painkillers worked too!