There were so many comments from the estate agents about the smallest bedroom in this house.  I just had some fun with it, and everyone loves it!  And the toy carrot is the most talked-about accessory in the entire house!!
The house had been rented for a few years, and was tired.  All the rooms are tiny, so we just had to show them as simply as possible. See the full house here:
estate agents



estate agents


Here are a selection of comments from various estate agents who visited the property:

“A1 presentation” ;
“The presentation even exceeded my expectations”;
“Fantastic finish”;
“The house feels bigger & roomier”;
“Fantastic dining room & conservatory”;
“The bedroomshave a lot of room”;
“Is the bathroom new?” ;
“Unusual kitchen – Very Nice” ,
“Beautiful views from the windows” ;
“Very well presented” ;
“Nice patio area” ;
“Love the motif on the wall” (Kids bedroom);
“Oh the carrot looks nice” ;
“The ladies are going to go ‘wow’ ” (main bedroom);
“You have gone to a lot of effort to present & finish off the property” ;
“The property is so beautifully dressed”

I don’t think they would have made these comments if  it hadn’t been staged, do you??!