The fastest home staging ever!

This home staging project was completed at top speed – before a potential buyer came back for their second visit!  My Consultation was arranged for a Thursday afternoon, and during the session, I discovered that a potential buyer had already seen the house, and had a second viewing booked for the following week – but she had commented on several occasions that the house was dark.  Well, that sounded like a challenge to me – especially as I agreed with her.  So, I spent the Friday shopping for new curtains, bedding and finishing touches, then we tackled the entire house on Saturday… and supplied new photographs for the Estate Agent on the Sunday!

living room before home staging

The living room before staging



kitchen staging

The kitchen before staging



dining room

A “nothing” room before staging

dining room

Creating a dining room, even if it is only small, adds value to the house.

outdated furnishings

Before – A double bedroom, with outdated furnishings

bedroom makeover

After – much more appealing



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