My Top 10 Declutter Tips:
1. Don’t follow all the latest “guaranteed” Declutter trends – for example over one month, declutter one item on the first day, two on the second, three on the third etc.  Just get serious, and commit to doing a thorough job.
2. When planning a declutter, allow twice as much time as you think you will need – at least.  Otherwise, you probably won’t finish the project completely, which can just add to the problem.
3. Don’t just create a SPACE for everything… create an AREA too.  For example, have a stationary cupboard, a laundry cupboard, a photo cupboard etc.  Then the whole family knows where something can be found, and also knows where to put it away.
4. Remove items from the house on the same day as you have decluttered them if possible – allow time to do this.
5. Have a “Sort Later” area for bits of paperwork and odds and ends that you find when you are decluttering – but DO go back and sort it at the end of your project.
6. Check you have an efficient laundry SYSTEM.  Many households have a block in this system which causes clutter.  Clothes that are worn need to be washed, dried, ironed and put away. Each part of this process needs its own allocated space – NOT on the kitchen worktop… NOT on the bed… NOT at the back of the sofa because guests arrived unexpectedly…
7. Increase your USEFUL storage – look at furniture with doors rather than open shelves, sturdy drawers, good storage space rather than simply stylish decorative pieces.
8. If you have made an “Ebay pile” and haven’t put items online within a week, give them to charity.
9. Paperwork always causes problems.  Have a filing cabinet.  Have a space for each family member, and have lots of folders so that everything can be found quickly.
10. Have a “Memory Box” for each member of the family ie. a big plastic box with a lid.  They can store their treasures in here – BUT – once it gets full, they must go through it and declutter the less important items to make space for the real treasures.
Oh… and number eleven … get the process started by employing a professional to help you!  Even one session will get you started on the right path for you, your family, and your home.
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