Unique Home Makeover Wedding Gift Service

Give the happy couple a perfect start to their new life together. What an amazing Wedding Gift – a Home Makeover. Whether they are moving into an empty new home, one moving into the other’s home, renting, or already living together, what couple wouldn’t benefit from a home makeover? The start of their married lives is the perfect time for them to get organised, have adequate storage for their amalgamated posessions, set each room out to suit their lifestyle, understand the right styles and colour schemes for their home, and to have someone to guide them through it all. Please call to discuss a personalised Home Makeover Wedding Gift.  Prices start from £150 for a 3-hour consultation, or £195 for a one-day makeover or a decluttering day… or talk to me about the costs involved with full makeovers.  Friends and relatives can share the cost of the gift – I will include all names on the Gift Certificate. My Wedding Gift List service is simple. I discuss requirements with the couple, prepare a prioritised wish list, then friends and relatives will be able to pay for items or services on the wish list, from as little as £10. We can then arrange them in the home on a makeover day. (Maybe whilst the recipients are on honeymoon?!)  Guests will have keepsake certificates to present to the couple, to show what their gift was. Imagine the room below, for example. One friend could have paid for the decorating, another for the curtains and poles, another the chairs, another the mirror, the cushion, the lamp etc. Alternatively, four people could have spend £48 each and had this room below decluttered for them, to give a new lease of life to the house:



wedding gift service


Please call me with any comments or queries:  By Lynn Pick. Home Stylers Ltd. Tel 01509 551392 www.homemakeoverservice.co.uk


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