After a week full of new declutter clients, I have been analysing the causes of all their clutter. Each client has had their own unique problem with clutter.

Friday. Declutter client number 5.

My fifth and final new de-clutter client last week had nothing to really worry about.  She isn’t a hoarder, she doesn’t have terrible clutter problems, she’s just had a series of events happen over the last few years that have caused her to be surrounded by “stuff”.  Caring for poorly family members has taken a higher priority than sorting the house out, and now that she has time to think about the house again, it will all come together quickly.

Lots of boxes were packed for charity, and lots of treasures were re-discovered during the day – I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Once someone is ready and committed to de-cluttering a space, it isn’t a difficult process, and the rewards are incredible.  Emotions often run high, and everyone’s energy runs out by late afternoon, but the excitement at seeing the space cleared has a much longer-lasting effect.  Well done L! A great job done.

Here are some examples of declutter clients with similar problems – family illnesses leading to a lack of time to concentrate on tidying-up and decluttering. I can help with any of these problems, whether you just need a consultation to focus your mind on how to tackle everything, or whether you need hands-on help for some, or all of the project.

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