Our most dramatic Home Staging project?

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This beautiful period home had been on the market for over a year. Time after time, potential buyers would visit, be positive, then disappear, never to be heard of again. During the Consultation, Graham took me on a tour of the house, in the same way that he took all the viewers. And just like them, I thought it was amazing – why would no-one even return for a second view?

And then, he showed me the last room – what he called his bonus surprise room – and there it was. The block. The reason everyone started to make excuses and disappear. Their exclamations weren’t of joy, as he imagined, but of fascination /horror! The “Party Room” to him was full of happy memories of wonderful parties with family and friends. He actually bought the table and dresser from Alton Towers when it had a refit!

But no-one could imagine what to do with the room. It was so different to the rest of the house, they couldn’t imagine how to incorporate it. So, we turned it into the main Living Room in the house. And surprise, surprise, it sold for the asking price to the next viewer.

“I had absolutely no idea that my “Party Room” had been turning all my potential buyers off the property. I thought they would love it as I did!

Thank you, Lynn, for being so honest and open, and encouraging and helping me along the journey.”

Graham, Cresswell, Stoke