Home Makeover Course

A Home Makeover Course - personalised for you and your home...

Have you ever wondered why the professional makeovers look so good? How it can be done on a small budget? How the rooms are made to feel like they ‘flow’ into each other? How it all looks so calm and inviting? Why nothing clashes? Where the clutter goes?

Enjoy our Course - and learn a skill for life...

Your trainer, Lynn Pick, is a Master Consultant on the House Doctor Network and has worked alongside TV’s Ann Maurice on many occasions.

Who wouldn’t benefit from this course?! The ability to see a home with a fresh pair of eyes is invaluable. Learn how to declutter, get organised, have adequate storage, understand the right styles and colour schemes for your home, and know how to actually make it happen.

The course is remote, and completely personalised for you and your home.  Lynn will analyse your photos and include advice and plans for your rooms as an integral part of the course.    Lynn presents the course via telephone or Zoom, with numerous visual aids.  The course can be split into several parts if you prefer, and most clients enjoy for example, the four hour course split into four one-hour sessions, with time to absorb the new ideas in between.  Makeover advice for several rooms in the house is included as an integral part of the course. It is similar to having a Home Makeover Consultation, but you’re learning why the suggestions are being made, so you can do it yourself next time.

The makeover course will be adapted to suit your requirements – whether you want to work with your current belongings, or plan to buy new – whether you need to concentrate more on decluttering and storage – or whether you need to prepare your home for sale.

A Personalised Plan...

We will build a personalised plan during the time, on a spreadsheet, so you can alter ideas later, or add to it, or use the budget section to keep an eye on your spending!

A perfect gift...

This is a perfect gift for anyone wanting to make changes to their home, but lacks the confidence to do so. A useful Wedding or Engagement Gift, Birthday or Christmas surprise, Retirement gift etc. For all ages, all budgets.

The cost...

£295 for a personal 2-hour lesson, including makeover advice for two rooms in your house… or…

£395 for a personal 3-hour lesson, including makeover advice for up to four rooms in your house… or…

£495 for a personal 4-hour lesson, including makeover advice for up to six rooms in your house.

The price of the course is for a one-to-one session, for the participant only. Additional friends/relatives may participate for £50 per person.  Book an evening slot and turn it into a party! In fact – do just that… see our Home Makeover Parties for more details.

You can learn about topics such as:

  • Colour balance in each room

  • Colour flow through the home

  • Overall style

  • Wall colours

  • Window dressings

  • Flooring

  • Suitable fixtures and fittings

  • Furniture requirements

  • Furniture placement

  • De-cluttering

  • Storage solutions

  • Lighting

  • Artwork requirements

  • Artwork placement

  • Finishing touches

  • Garden planning

  • Kerb appeal

  • Budgeting

  • Handy hints- how to measure-up, how to tackle mould, how to re-vamp existing furniture etc.

  • How to prepare your home for sale or how to keep your home looking great.

“I cannot believe what I learnt today Lynn! I love how you explained something, then demonstrated the point in every room in my own house. I completely understand what colours are right for my house now, and shopping in the future will be so simple. A million thank-you’s!”

Mandy, Coventry