Home Makeovers and Affordable Interior Design

From DIY makeover advice on one room to full home redesign

Practical advice and solutions within your budget

Have a Power-Hour video call for inspiration or advice

Consultations include a plan of action

We can advise, help with, or even take over your project.

Online options (covering the UK) or on-site (if within travelling distance)

Affordable Interior Design

Whether you are looking for advice on a DIY low budget makeover for one room, or would prefer a full redesign of your entire home, we offer affordable solutions.  We are down-to-earth, and work within your budget, offering practical advice and solutions to suit your lifestyle.  Lynn is a Home Makeover Coach, and can work through your project with you if required, in a similar way to a fitness coach, encouraging and helping you when required.

We offer colour, style and storage advice, we optimise your furniture placement, and advise on window dressings, artwork and the styling of those essential finishing touches.  If you require new furniture, soft furnishings, or exciting finishing touches, we can advise on the most suitable for your home and your family.

Your Consultation with Lynn will allow you to clear your head, prioritise the tasks and have a solid plan for the project. You then have the option to continue the project yourself, or work through it together, or pass the project over to us, depending on location.

For any project, large or small, we can work online via photos and video calls with clients all over the UK, or on-site in Bath, Bristol, N.Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire (and further afield if required). Either way, you receive the same practical advice, inspirational ideas and a plan of action.


2-hour Consultation and Plan… £225

  • A two-hour session providing a plan of action. Fewer rooms allow for more detail, but we are happy to work on an overview of the whole house. This may be in person or via video call depending on location. 

Follow-on Services…. from £55

After a Consultation, we offer ongoing help, advice, and even project management…

  •  Practical help (eg, declutter, shopping, styling)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  •  Planning (eg. designing, specifying, shopping)… £295 /day or £55 /hour
  •  Full detailed DIY plan… bespoke £395
  •  Coaching advice during your project, via phone or video call… £55 /hour
  •  Full Project Management by quotation, following a Consultation

Take a Free Initial Consultation and see which of our services would suit you.

Our Consultant can help you with…

  • Re-styling your current home
    We advise on colours and styles that will suit your property, your tastes and your budget. 
  • Styling your new home 
    Whether everything is new or it’s all coming from your current home, we’ll make it work! 
  • Selling your house
    You wouldn’t go for a job interview without showering and styling yourself suitably, so why would you offer your home for sale without preparing it first? See our Home Staging page for details.
  • Show Home styling 
    Our styling costs are a fraction of the usual interior design costs, so Developers love us! Our fast turnaround and practical approach is appreciated by all. See our Show Home page.
  • Hotel, Airbnb and guest house styling 
    We understand that furnishings and accessories must be hardwearing and practical –  our Consultant was in the hotel industry for many years 
  • Special event and seasonal styling 
    We can style your home for a special event, or party, incorporating your own decorations into a new scheme if preferred – or start from scratch!
  • Planning a DIY project
    Many practical clients are happy to take the advice offered during a Consultation, and go ahead and do some …or all… of the work themselves. Some need a detailed DIY Home Makeover report, with a detailed spreadsheet, specifying exact products to purchase, and instructions on where to position them etc.  Although, admittedly, the majority ask us to purchase the finishing touches, and return at the end of the project to complete the styling for them!
  • Online services throughout the UK
    Using photos and videos, we offer most of our services online, via phone and video calls.  Use our Free Initial Consultation to discuss your requirements with us.
  • A Home Makeover Course… in your own home
    Ever wondered why the professional makeovers look so good? How interior design can be achieved on a small budget? How the rooms are made to feel like they ‘flow’ into each other? How it all looks so calm and inviting? Why nothing clashes? Where the clutter goes? Learn how to declutter, get organised, have adequate storage, understand the right styles and colour schemes for your home, and know how to actually make it happen. See Home Makeover Course for more details
  • Home Makeover Gift Vouchers
    Give someone a Home Makeover… it’s a gift that will last a lifetime.  Whether they are moving to a new home, planning a Wedding, having a special Birthday/Anniversary, or ‘just because’.  Organising and styling their home properly now will effect how they live in a property forever. Once they understand how furniture, layout, colours, finishing touches, storage organisation and routines all come together to give a calm, peaceful home, they will be able to recreate this wherever they are. It’s a new way of life. See Home Makeover Gift Vouchers for more details.
Ellie, Sudbury

“Lynn, I just want to send a message first thing to say how much we ALL love the changes. The house is now a home and I am so happy we found you.

That really was a long day for you and I am grateful for everything you put into the project and also your positive energy!

Can’t wait to get home😊”

Complete Project Management available if required...


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Suitable for any property...
any budget...


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Low cost... high impact...

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One-Day Refresh. Some projects don’t need anything new...


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Some need simple changes....


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Some are quite neutral...


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And others are very colourful...


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Clare and Rob, Nottingham

“Rob and I felt we had woken up in a luxury hotel this morning.  When the men in the family get excited about interiors you know you have done well!”