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Give someone a Home Makeover... it can change their lives forever...

A Home Makeover is an amazing experience… falling in love with the home again and understanding the reasons for the changes we have made will have a lasting impact on everyone in the home – it’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

The recipient may be moving to a new home, planning a Wedding, having a special Birthday/Anniversary, or need a makeover ‘just because’. Organising and styling the home properly now will effect how they live in a property forever. Once they understand how furniture, layout, colours, finishing touches, storage organisation and routines all come together to give a calm, peaceful home, they will be able to recreate this wherever they are. It’s a new way of life.

The value of your gift is completely up to you… we will prepare a personalised Gift Voucher for them.

Personalised Home Makeover Gift Vouchers...

Maybe the recipient would appreciate a Consultation to guide them in the right direction… so give a Consultation Gift Voucher. This is the starting point for any project.

Maybe you want to give more – a declutter day – a Makeover day – a piece of furniture – trades to paint a room – some finishing touches – or the whole project? The Gift Voucher would list the full details of your gift, and you can choose whether to show the monetary value on it or not.

Maybe several friends or family want to join together for a special occasion? We can produce “Wish Lists” following the Consultation, and each “wish” would have its own Gift Voucher for friends or family to purchase. (Similar to a Wedding List in a large store.) You could include trades, carpets, decorating etc in addition to the regular toaster / kettle requests! Vouchers towards the makeover can be from as little as £10, so any friends or family can contribute. Talk to us.

The Consultation Gift Voucher includes a 3-hour Consultation in the home, including a spreadsheet plan where all the suggestions are recorded room-by-room. It will be designed around the requirements of the recipient(s), so it could be for a new home, an empty home, a full (cluttered) home, a rental home, one room, a caravan, a boat…

Please call to discuss personalised Home Makeover Gift Vouchers. Give someone a declutter day – or a one-day makeover – or talk to us about the costs involved with full makeovers.  We can arrange everything. One recent project was amazing – the makeover was completed whilst the couple were on Honeymoon!

You have allowed two people with no vision to live in a beautiful home!

Thank you so much! We love it. Everything is beautiful and everything we could have imagined and more. You are a true artist in your work.

My dressing room is so gorgeous, of course that is the room I ran to first! Our favourite part is the light over the table and the matching lamp. They are truly stunning and we love the effect it casts Thank you so much!

Victoria and Akin, Honeymoon Home Makeover

Gift Vouchers - any value

Gift Vouchers - any service

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