Decluttering and Organising

Decluttering and home organisation services are often linked together, as removal of unwanted items in the home will create a desire to reorganise what is left. These two services are extremely popular whether you want to sell your home, or simply realise that you would enjoy a more organised environment.

Decluttering can be a life changing experience

Once you start to remove unwanted and surplus items from your home, you will value what is left, so much more. This encourages a desire to organise and store everything properly.

Sorting and re-organising your home will release it’s full potential, as all your valuable belongings have their own dedicated space. Often, this increases the chance of them being put away properly once they have been used. We simply help to make your home ‘work’ for you and your family. Your workspace would benefit too, as you can work more efficiently in an organised space.  

It can also be an overwhelming experience

That’s where we can help.  We can offer practical advice on tackling the clutter and help you to plan your ultimate storage requirements.  Following a Consultation, you can go ahead and work through your home in your own time, if you prefer. Alternatively, we can spend time helping you to declutter, working through each room together.

Once your space is uncluttered, you may want us to style your home to suit your lifestyle.  If you are selling your property, we will style it for a fast, profitable sale.  If you are staying, we will style it to perfection, whatever your budget.

Let us help you...

Whether you plan to tackle the project alone and just need some advice, or whether you need us to work along with you, it’s much easier to see the solutions with a fresh pair of eyes. Take one of our Free Initial Consultations to see which of our services would suit you – maybe just a visit to your home where we produce a task list for you to work through yourself, or maybe you would benefit more from a full-day visit, where we jump in and help you to actually tackle some of the problem areas:

Consultation – £185*

This is ideal if you need practical, professional advice, but have the time and ability to work through our suggestions yourself, in your own time.  We can return at any stage if you need help, or you may decide to treat yourself to a room makeover at the end of the project as a reward for your perseverance.

This verbal consultation takes 2-3 hours and it’s exciting to see how some fresh ideas can open up the full potential of your home.

Declutter and/or Organising Days – £245*

If you just can’t tackle the project alone, our sympathetic Consultant will guide you through each room, decluttering, organising and eliminating the problems with you.  We’ll optimise your storage, and all items you use often will be easily accessible – no more wasted time searching for elusive belongings!

We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you how to do it – and explain why – so you learn from the experience and understand how to avoid the same problems again in the future. Whole families can be involved, and we are constantly amazed at how the younger family members absorb our advice like a sponge, taking in all the techniques that will help them to be more organised in their own future homes.

The styling day lasts for seven hours – you’ll be amazed how much can be done in that time. Many clients book us for one day in the first instance. We do recommend this, to get the project started. You may then want to continue alone, using the techniques you have learnt, knowing we can return at any point if required. Other clients just cannot work alone, and they tend to book us for one or two days a week until the project is complete.

*The above rates are local rates, but we are happy to travel, so please contact us for rates applicable to your property.

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How would you describe your clutter?

The image below is from The OCD Foundation (The Hoarding Centre).

In general, clutter that reaches image number 4 or higher impinges on the homeowners lives enough for them to suggest they get help with hoarding tendencies.