A Huge Declutter & Home Staging project

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This was an enormous project – mentally as well as physically. We had the homeowners friends and family involved, temporary storage units, and several days of decluttering before we could even start the staging process.  This had been an amazing family home for many, many years, and if the owners could have picked it up and taken it with them, they would have, including everything within the walls.  That was the real problem – they wanted to move, but they didn’t actually want to declutter and get rid of anything at all.  They didn’t want to downsize, just move to another area. However they knew that the house wouldn’t sell, and the move wouldn’t happen, if they didn’t remove some of their belongings.

So they insisted on renting a huge (20ft) storage container, not a skip, and to start with, anything I didn’t require for staging went straight into the container. And then a second container was required, and halfway through filling that one, they started to realise they were kidding themselves and they might as well start letting go of “a few items”!  I returned after the weekend, to hear they had been back and emptied the first container, and only put back what they really did want to keep. Result! The staging was easy after that turnaround!