Extreme Declutter – whole house

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This was a real extreme home declutter – inspired by an 8 year old girls desire to bring her school friends home for the first time ever – for a Birthday Party.

There were several reasons why the house had become cluttered – a sudden job offer initiating the move to the UK from another country – friends and relatives with older families constantly donating ALL their excess children’s clothes and toys – doting grandparents bringing suitcases of gifts when visiting – hoarding tendencies on both sides of the family – and of course busy, busy family lives.  All coming together and completely overwhelming the entire family.

We had less than two weeks before the party, and I visited almost every other day – sorting, removing, organising and putting systems in place to prevent this happening again. I am happy to report that the party, and the home, were a great success!

Many people look at a cluttered home and immediately assume the owners are just LAZY.  This is hardly ever the case.  

For a house to be as cluttered as this, there are numerous factors that have come together to create this overwhelming mess.

I encourage everyone to be sympathetic, not sarcastic.