Unbelievable Declutter and home staging

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This home was probably the most cluttered home I have worked in.  Busy parents, 3 teenage boys being home-schooled, busy lives… and then having to move because of a job relocation. After meeting the boys in the Consultation, I soon realised how keen the whole family were to declutter, tidy and clean the house. They were so positive. They just didn’t know how to start.

So in the first declutter day, I showed them my methods, and set them all going in their rooms. They asked so many questions, and carried-out all my instructions, and by the end of the day their rooms were properly decluttered, inside wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, and they were all clean and tidy.

The second declutter day dealt with the rest of the house, and all three boys worked alongside us.  They were a great team.  When I returned for a Staging Day at the end, they were amazed how effective a few new finishing touches were.  The house sold very quickly, and I was assured that they had all learned so much from the process that their home would never slip back to the way it was. They said I changed their lives.