I’m often asked how I first met Ann Maurice, TV’s House Doctor, and I have to say it was completely by accident.  However, she managed to change my life.

Following a BSc Degree in Hotel and Catering Management in Manchester, I enjoyed managing various hotels for several years and I lived in exotic places such as Jersey, Guernsey and Bermuda. Finally returning to the UK, I moved into retail management, and developed a theory that good presentation was the key to success. Whether it was hotel rooms and table settings, or windows and shelf displays in shops.  Everything had a better chance of selling if it was presented well.

One evening, over ten years ago, by chance I saw a House Doctor program for the first time. Ann Maurice was on my television screen telling everyone that their homes had a better chance of selling if they were presented well. Wait – that was my theory! I loved this programme.

I researched House Doctor and discovered Ann had just started running weekend seminars on home staging. I was fascinated by the idea – I’m creative, organised and practical, I’ve always loved home interiors and had often advised friends on colours and schemes for their homes. I met Ann and was selected for her first Advanced Property Presentation Course, where we staged two homes – one of which increased in value by £18,000 following an investment of only £2,000.

Ann maurice, House Doctor

The homeowners with Ann

I was delighted to join Ann’s team, and helped her to set-up the House Doctor Network, training and mentoring new recruits to the network. I worked with Ann on numerous houses, and took hundreds of photographs – see some below.

Ann Maurice House Doctor

Lynn Pick and Ann Maurice

This photo above always makes me laugh when I see it – I had to bend my knees and Ann had to stand on her tiptoes so the height difference wasn’t too much! That’s why she’s clinging on to the chair!

Ann Maurice

Ann, in a beautiful apartment in Kent

House Doctor

Ann, opening three TK Maxx show homes that we completed at the NEC in Birmingham

House Doctor

Ann Maurice, in Melton Mowbray, in a house we just completed.

House Doctor

Ann, choosing a mirror in TK Maxx

House Doctor training

Ann and I, teaching “Shelf Dressing” in 2004 – that’s me, in blue, on the floor!

Shelf dressing again, in 2004

Shelf dressing again, in 2004

Davina MacKail

Davina MacKail, our Feng Shui trainer, with Ann

Okay, that's me, dressing my first shelving unit!

Okay, that’s me, dressing my first shelving unit!


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