Home Makeover Party

A "Pamper Party" for your home...

How often do you and your friends chat about your homes? What you want to do to them, what you have just bought for them, how cluttered they are, how you would love a Makeover like they have on the television?!!! All the time? Then why not turn this into an opportunity for some fun? A social event… where you can all learn tricks to use in your homes too?

Invite friends to your home, or book a private space in a local hotel or restaurant. You will all learn about the following topics, presented in a light-hearted, informal manner… 

  • Colour flow through the home
  • Colour balance in each room
  • How to choose wall colours
  • Overall style
  • How to choose window dressings
  • Flooring options
  • Understanding furniture requirements
  • Furniture placement
  • De-cluttering
  • Storage solutions
  • Lighting
  • Artwork requirements
  • Artwork placement
  • Finishing touches
  • Handy hints- how to measure-up, how to tackle mould, how to re-vamp existing furniture etc.

Your friends will be able to bring photographs of areas in their homes they are struggling with, so we can discuss them together and find some solutions.

You will all receive a summary of the above information, just in case you were having too much fun to absorb everything!

The party can be in the morning, lunchtime, afternoon or evening, to suit your guests.  Any day of the week, including weekends.  Arrange your own snacks and beverages… hot, cold, alcoholic… and relax.  I will host your party for three hours, but you can obviously invite your friends to come earlier or stay later.

The cost of the party is £495, and you can invite up to 7 guests. Please use our free initial consultation to discuss your requirements.