Home Staging in Matlock

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There was only a small budget for this project, and something had to be done quickly.  Because Matlock is such a desirable area to live, there were plenty of potential buyers going to visit the property, but they were walking out within minutes – I actually watched this happen three times whilst I was waiting over the road to go in for the Consultation!  So there was obviously something wrong inside.  When I went in, I could see the main problems were the strong colours on the walls, a couple of really small bedrooms, and the overgrown garden that was covering both the dining room window and the kitchen.

The bedrooms couldn’t change size, but dressing them simply made them feel larger –  and the child’s room was the most popular in the house, according to the Estate Agents! The children wanted to live there because of the cool tree in the bedroom. The house was snapped-up for the asking price soon after we finished.